Hollywood woman brutally attacked and kicked in the head in parking lot after birthday party


The Los Angeles police opened an investigation to find the attackers.

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

An attack in a Hollywood parking lot left a woman visibly injured after she was brutally beaten by men as the Los Angeles Police Department searches for suspects in the attack.

Authorities reported to the 1700 block of N Las Palmas Ave. around 2:15 a.m. Saturday. The agents explained that the woman was arguing with two men when one of them hit her and kicked her in the face.

Prior to the attack, it appears that the victim had also argued with other people.

In one video, the woman can be seen on the floor with a small number of people around her. Apparently three or four other women tried to help her move after being kicked.

In addition, another group of people was recording the video, where someone can be heard saying “it was also his birthday.”

“I didn’t have to escalate into that situation,” said Cynthia Stergious, who testified for CBSLA before meeting with Los Angeles police detectives. “I don’t understand how someone can be so cruel.”

He also stated that it hurts when he speaks, that he has several stitches and a huge bruise on his leg, the media reported.

Stergious said he was celebrating his 26th birthday at the Revel Lounge and as everyone headed back to their vehicles across the street, he explained that two men approached them in the parking lot.

“Words were exchanged. I don’t know what was said when one of my friends got hit in the head,” Stergious said.

The 26-year-old victim stated that these men began to insult her and there was an exchange of words between her and the attackers. She minutes later she said that her mind went blank.

“I just remember being knocked down. She hit me in the face. He punched me in the face repeatedly, but I was already unconscious at the time,” Stergious expressed.

The woman said one of the men hit her in front of her vehicle and threatened to run her over, then her friends grabbed her body and pulled her out of the way.

“I was already on the ground and he kept doing what he was doing, and on top of that he was ready to run me over. He didn’t care,” he told CBSLA.

So far it is not clear who the men are who attacked Stergious in the parking lot, although police are investigating to capture the attackers.

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