Hollywood screenwriters reach an agreement in principle that could end the strike

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The agreement, which the writers' union has described as "exceptional", addresses the key issues of the negotiation but is pending final drafting. The strike of actresses and actors continues.

The Hollywood Screenwriters Union (WGA) and the Alliance of Film and Television Producers (AMPTP) reached this Sunday (early morning in the Basque Country) an agreement in principle for the creation of a new collective agreement that opens the door to the possibility to end the strike.

The WGA has indicated in a statement posted on the networks that the possible pact addresses all the key issues of the negotiation, but is pending final draft. The writers' union has only stated that what has been achieved is "exceptional" and has thanked its members for the echo of their strike and the support of other unions that has managed to get the studios back to the negotiating table.

The resolution provides a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel for Hollywood, which has kept most of its productions on hold due to stoppages, but the studios still have to negotiate with the guild of actresses and actors (SAG-AFTRA).

According to the digital IndieWire, although no screenwriter should return to work until the contract is ratified, the pickets are suspended. However, the WGA has encouraged the sector to join the ranks of actors and actresses this week.

146 days of strike

From the WGA they have asked for patience: "Now it is up to our staff to ensure that everything agreed upon is in the final contract language. Although we are eager to share the details, we cannot do so until all the i's have been dotted. "said the negotiating committee, as reported by the magazine The Hollywood Reporter.

The final agreement must be validated first by said committee and later by the union boards in the east and west of the country. That vote in principle it could take place Tuesdayand if positive, a decision would be made on when to end the strike.

The WGA began the strike on May 2 with the demand for better working conditions, regulation of artificial intelligence and fair payments every time one of its works is reissued, the so-called residual rights. On July 14, the actors and actresses joined forces for similar reasons. This last union has not had any contact with the AMPTP since last July 12, when negotiations for its collective agreement ended abruptly and without consensus.

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