Historical agreement in Spain: women’s and men’s soccer teams will have equal economic conditions


The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and The women’s soccer team signed a historic agreement on Tuesday by which the Spanish national teams achieve equality regarding issues such as premiums and image rights.

The agreement, which has an initial duration of five years, was signed in the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas (Madrid) by the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, and by the FC Barcelona central defender Irene Paredes, first captain of the ‘ Roja’, with the presence of Amanda Gutiérrez, president of the Futpro union.

The signed document indicates that both the women’s and the men’s teams will have the same economic conditions in concentrations and the same criteria for the distribution of prizes from UEFA and FIFAand also the conditions of displacement and travel will be improved.

“It is a very important day. The negotiations have been long, but finally they have been fruitful and with an agreement that is avant-garde and that is at the cusp at a European level”, celebrated Rubiales who pointed out that the teams asked to be “advised” by both Amanda Gutiérrez and Reyes Bellver, lawyer specializing in Sports Law, which was a “novelty because they always tend to be direct with the captains or captains”.

The leader indicated that the players are going to enjoy “an advance on bonuses, just like with the men’s team”, and that the agreement consists of “two parts, one for premiums and the other for image rights.” As for the first, without giving figures, he pointed out that they will be “on a percentage basis”, but that they will have “a corrective factor of positive discrimination because the money that comes from the bonuses to the women’s team is less than to the men’s.” “Percentage-wise, the girls benefit more and I think it’s fairer,” she warned.

Regarding image rights, he stressed that when he was appointed president of the RFEF in 2018 they realized that the women’s team was not on equal terms with the men’s team and that it was something that “had to be put to an end”.

“In the World Cup in France they already had a quantity, but it begins to improve from this year and retroactively by 20% and up to 80 in 2027. In addition, special prizes are maintained for image rights for special moments such as classifications for a final phase and of all the sponsorships that reach the RFEF they will have a percentage, the distribution is already up to them. It is difficult to find such a complete agreement that improves so much, we thank you for trusting us, “he said.

Irene Paredes also described the day as “historic” and thanked “on behalf of all the players” the RFEF and Rubiales “for their predisposition and effort to reach such an important agreement and demonstrate with facts that they want to continue pushing towards the high to the team”.

“It has been a long process and we saw it as complicated, but this agreement of such magnitude reinforces the commitment and improves the conditions for us to carry out what we do best in the best possible way and so that it is seen as rewarding the point of development in which there is women’s football”, added the player.

Finally, Amanda Gutiérrez welcomed “historic news for women’s football” and showed her “sincere gratitude” to the RFEF and its president for their “willingness to reach this important agreement and demonstrate with facts that their interest is that football feminine continues to grow.

The lawyer emphasized that the organizations must have “a change of mentality, especially those that control this sport, to improve the conditions and compete on equal terms with their peers”.

“Today we can say loudly that the RFEF has had the will to reach this agreement and that it supports women’s football, it is an agreement that will lay the foundations so that we can continue to grow and that there is a bright future with the players we have” , he underlined.

For Gutiérrez, this signature “represents a turning point” and in the union that he presides over and which is the majority in women’s football, they are “proud” of their work in the short term since its creation.

“The improvement of the internationals was one of our priorities and it is a step forward for those who are here and those who will come, although we are aware that there is still a lot of work to be done and that we need all the players to join in this change” , pointed out the president of Futpro, who thanked Reyes Bellver for “his tireless work these months”. “Without your knowledge and experience this would not have been possible,” she concluded.

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