Historic moment when the Brooklyn Dodgers won their first World Series

Portrait of members of the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team posing in the dugout, 1954.

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The Brooklyn Dodgers they had already lost the championship seven times, and had lost five times to the Yankees alone: ​​in 1941, 1947, 1949, 1952 and 1953. But in 1955, thanks to nine entries brilliant in the seventh game of the old left-handed pitcher Johnny Powersthey finally managed to beat them for the first (and last) time.

The Dodgers had lost the first two games of the series at Yankee Stadium; in fact, it was the First time in history that a team was coming back to win a seven-game World Series after losing the first two, then winning three in a row at home.

The Yankees came back in the sixth, forcing a Game 7 tiebreaker against 62,465 fans in the Bronx.

In the fourth inning of the final game, Brooklyn got its first run when catcher Roy Campanella doubled and Gil Hodges sent him home with a well-placed single.

In the sixth, a Yankees error helped the Dodgers load the bases. Even though veteran pitcher Tommy Byrne had only allowed three hits, manager Casey Stengel pulled him out and sent in right-handed reliever Bob Grim, but that didn't stop Hodges from sending a sacrifice fly to center field. Pee Wee Reese came home safe and sound and the Dodgers were leading by 2.

And then, the decisive moment of the game. In the bottom of the sixth, Podres walked Billy Martin and Gil McDougald bunted out to first, walking two with no outs.

Then Yogi Berra cut an outside pitch hard down the left-field foul line, a game-tying double, for sure, until backup outfielder Sandy Amoros ran out of nowhere, whipped out his glove and caught the ball as he ran. towards the stands.

He spun and threw to shortstop Reese, who threw it to Hodges early on, who caught McDougald off the bag by inches. The Yankees' sure thing had turned into a game-killing doubleheader.

The final winning out it came on Elston Howard's grounder to Reese, the 38-year-old team captain who had been present for all five of the Dodgers' losses to crosstown rivals.

Reese picked up the ball and shot low and wide to first, but somehow, as John Drebinger wrote in the Times the next day, "Gil would have stretched halfway across the Bronx for that," Hodges caught it in time to send off. Return Howard to the bench and end the game.

The 1955 series turned out to be the only one the Brooklyn Dodgers would win.they lost to the Yankees again the following year.

The following year, the team's owner decided that he would rather play in a fancy stadium in a nicer neighborhood, so he moved the team to California. The Los Angeles Dodgers have won the championship five times.

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