Hispanic with 18 previous charges was identified as responsible for the epic 90-minute chase through the streets of LA

According to court records, Anchondo has an extensive criminal history with multiple convictions in Los Angeles County.

Photo: LA County Sheriff's Office / Courtesy

A Hispanic with 18 previous charges against him, was identified as responsible for the epic and dangerous 90-minute police chase that took place last night through the streets of Los Angeles and Orange countiesas reported by ABC7

According to an update issued by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Johnny Anchondo, 32, was named as the prime suspect who kept authorities on his tail for 90 minutes.

During the chase, Anchondo was seen crashing into sheriff's cars, slamming into the sides of cars and carjacking multiple vehicles during a desperate attempt to escape.

At one point, Anchondo was seen abandoning a stolen vehicle and breaking into a family's home to try and hide.

Family members and their pets were home and got into a fight with him in the driveway, one even brandishing a knife, after he stole their truck keys.

Anchondo went through the front door and managed to escape once more.

During another dramatic moment, Anchondo was pinned against a gated entrance by a police vehicle.

Instead of giving up at the time, he backed out of the stolen vehicle and slammed into the patrol car over and over again, finally creating enough space for him to turn around and run again.

The entire incident lasted nearly an hour and a half and only ended when the stolen SUV, at least the third vehicle Anchondo had driven during the chase, crashed into a gas station and was rammed by a sheriff's patrol.

Flames erupted under the truck, and eventually officers opened fire on the vehicle. Anchondo was later removed by breaking the windows and detaining him.

The sheriff's department said deputies used less than deadly force in taking Anchondo into custody.

According to court records, Anchondo has an extensive criminal history with multiple convictions in Los Angeles County. for carjacking, reckless evasion, and bicycling.

In Riverside County, ABC7 found 18 cases filed on his behalf, two of which are still active and include traffic violations.

Anchondo is currently in custody on a probation violation pending further charges.

Eyewitness News has contacted the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for comment and received the following statement.

“As is our policy, we contact the investigating agency before publishing the engagement history. At the request of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, due to their ongoing investigation, no information about Johnny Anchondo will be released at this time."

Meanwhile, another driver whose car Anchondo hit was also pulled over at the end of the chase.

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