Hispanic accumulates 25 charges for crimes he committed during dangerous police pursuit in Orange and Los Angeles counties

Authorities from two counties pursued the Hispanic man.

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A 33-year-old Hispanic man was charged with 25 counts for multiple crimes he committed during a dangerous 90-minute police chase. on November 9 in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

Johnny Anchondo of Moreno Valley faces a long list of criminal charges, including for felony auto theft, the Orange County District Attorney's Office reported..

Anchondo was charged after he attempted to escape during a chase by authorities in three different vehicles that ended in an accident, failure to obey officers' orders and a shootout until he was arrested.

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According to Orange County authorities, Anchondo was charged with felony auto theft, a felony first degree robberyeight felony assault with a deadly non-firearm on a law enforcement officer, one felony assault with a deadly non-firearm, and two felony robbery with a prior conviction for felony seizing a vehicle.

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Anchondo, who is on probation, was also charged with felony evading a law enforcement officer.; for dangerous driving; a felony resisting an executive officer; three felony vandalism with damages of $400 or more; three misdemeanor hit and run with property damage; one misdemeanor charge for evading a law enforcement officer and driving against traffic; a misdemeanor charge for using a weapon; one misdemeanor charge of possession of a controlled substance and one misdemeanor charge of possession of controlled substance paraphernalia.

If found guilty, Anchondo could face a maximum sentence of 54 years in prison. The Hispanic is detained in Los Angeles County.

On November 9, the Hispanic led a dangerous chase in Orange County in a black sedan. Finding himself cornered, he abandoned that car and took a white van.

That's when he started driving dangerously until he got to Los Angeles County. Once again cornered by the pursuing officers, he left the van and ran through a neighborhood in the Whittier area..

Anchondo invaded a house, where he confronted a young man and his mother and he stole their work truck with which he continued his escape attempt.

During the chase, the Hispanic collided with several cars until he crashed into a gas station in Hacienda Heightswhere he remained for several minutes inside the vehicle and without obeying the orders of the authorities.

The officers fired at the vehicle where the Hispanic was, who they thought might be armed, until he finally got out of the truck and was arrested.

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