Hirving Lozano would be seduced by Major League Soccer

Lozano has played more than 150 games for Napoli.

Photo: Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

the novel of Hirving Lozano continues with new chapters. The Mexican soccer player does not count for Napoli next season. This is why Chucky would be looking for a new club where he can continue his professional career. Several options have sounded, but the Major League Soccer would be one of the strongest.

Soccer in the United States has been characterized by making large contracts in recent years. An example of this are the recent arrivals of Lionel Messi and Sergio Busquets at Inter Miami. David Beckham's team has been greatly strengthened to try to straighten its course in the tournament. Los Angeles FC would not be left behind.

The substitute for Carlos Vela?

The possible arrival of Hirving Lozano to Los Angeles FC would be stipulated as a replacement before a hypothetical departure of Carlos Vela. The continuity of the Bomber is not guaranteed and the club would already have an established plan to replace his loss.

Carlos Vela celebrating a goal with the LAFC shirt in the MLS.
Vela is one of the most important pieces of the Los Angeles team. LAFC – Courtesy.

It is estimated that the Los Angeles team will make ua great offer for Hirving Lozano. The information was disseminated by journalist Fernando Cevallos. Los Angeles FC would have a free franchise player quota with the departure of Vela. Under these circumstances, Chucky would have a chance to secure a big contract in MLS.

"If the arrival of Chucky Lozano to LAFC for the next season materializes, he would be the highest paid Mexican soccer player in the history of the MLS... Between $20 and $25 million dollars would be what he would earn per year”, indicated Cevallos.

Saudi Arabia on the radar

Hirving Lozano has shown optimal performance to stay in Europe, but it is very difficult to compete against the big wallets of the Saudi Arabian clubs. In addition to the MLS, Arab soccer would have had rapprochements with the Mexican soccer player.

It is worth remembering that several teams from Saudi Arabia have hired several renowned footballers in the Old Continent. The Saudi Professional League has players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, N'Golo Kanté and Roberto Firmino.

Karim Benzema in his presentation with Al Ittihad. Photo: EFE/Al Ittihad/Jorge Ferrari.

A bitter end in Napoli

Hirving Lozano would have closed his participation in Napoli with the historic obtaining of Serie A. the chucky played 155 games at the club. During that number of matches the Aztec scored 30 goals and conceded 17 assists. The Mexican was an important piece in the Italian team and had the luxury of playing in major continental tournaments such as the UEFA champions league.

Hirving Lozano's contract officially ends in June 2024. The Mexican is valued at just over $25 million dollars.

Hirving Lozano playing the Champions League with Napoli.
Hirving Lozano playing the Champions League with Napoli. Francesco Pecoraro-Getty Images.

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