Highlights of “The Morning”

In his morning press conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that his government is already in negotiations with the workers of Mexicana de Aviación to acquire the name for use in the new state airline.

“We are already dealing with Mexicana workers, both active and retired, and an agreement is already being sought so that the new airline will be called Mexicana de Aviación again. Our adversaries do not like that, but this is not to taste, it is that we have to move forward. So, it is going to be acquired, an appraisal of the brand, the emblem is going to be made and there is going to be a company so that there are more flights and in this way the plane ticket does not increase so much, ”he explained.

  • The president asked the Bank of Mexico to balance the country’s economic growth, after yesterday they will increase the interest rate to 10 percent, although he clarified that he respects Banxico’s decision.

“The Bank of Mexico raised the rate to 10 points, it is autonomous. We promised to respect their decisions, sometimes we would like them not only to take care of themselves, although it is important to control inflation, which is why they increase the rate, but also to balance taking care of growth and always go more to fight inflation and no to promoting growth, that is, it is what has always been done, it is very traditional, but the decision must be respected,” he said.

“Why do they increase the rate, because that way inflation drops, nothing more than the risk of the economy paralyzing, of not having economic growth because they raise rates, they do this all over the world (…) Here it has been done, well although the rate is high”, he explained.

  • The head of the federal Executive warned that he will not negotiate the electoral reform that he sent to the Congress of the Union, since each legislator must assume his responsibility with the citizens.

“No, it is not about negotiating, the principles are not negotiated. No no no no. Everyone must take responsibility for him, everyone, “he said.

“I have been fighting for many years for there to be democracy in the country, because there has hardly ever been democracy in the history of Mexico, like flashes,” he declared.

“Until now, the first steps are beginning to be taken, after fraud, many frauds, we are obliged to establish an authentic democratic system and not only remain in representative democracy, but move towards participatory democracy, that is why the importance of consultations, of the revocation of the mandate”, he pointed out.

He supported his idea that an Electoral Reform is needed to make democracy cheaper in the country.

“I maintain that the Electoral Reform is needed because a lot is spent on the organization of elections: 20 billion pesos, Yucatan has a budget of 40 million pesos a year. It is the country where it costs the most to make elections in the whole world, ”he explained.

“It is proven that the councilors and magistrates do not guarantee impartiality, clean, free elections, they are part of the electoral fraud that we have historically suffered in Mexico, it is a shame that Mexico is one of the countries with the most electoral fraud in history,” he explained.

  • The Government of Mexico promotes complementary projects to the Mayan Train in Yucatan as part of the comprehensive development plan that is being executed in the southeast of the country, said President López Obrador.

Leading the state’s morning news conference and safety briefing, he previewed the installation of the IE-TRAM system, the first electric bus route in the southeast.

The Great Park of La Plancha will be created, a 22-hectare piece of land that will house the Mayan Train station in Mérida.

“The IE-TRAM was an agreement because it should be known that the Yucatan government will be granted the entire right of way, from Teya to the exit, where it will transit. (…) In the case of the Iron, it is a very important work, the governor (Mauricio Vila) asked us to expand the school of arts, which is one of the best in the country and it was decided to do so, ”he detailed.

In addition, six hotels will be built in Nuevo Uxmal, Edzná, Calakmul, Tulum, Chichén Itzá and Palenque that will strengthen the tourist experience.

In total there will be 115 complementary works that include viaducts, wildlife crossings, bridges and vehicular crossings.

Of the 1,550 kilometers of railway that includes the Mayan Train in the five entities, Yucatan will have 298.5 kilometers; of these, 217.3 will be electrified double track. In this state the train will pass through 19 municipalities.

  • President López Obrador stressed that Yucatán is a model entity in terms of security that has fostered peace and tranquility for its inhabitants.

“We have worked in a coordinated manner for the benefit of the progressive people, good people of the Yucatan Peninsula and, in particular, of this state. (…) This is an exemplary state, a model, because it is the state with the lowest incidence of crime in our country”, he emphasized.

“It is a recognition of the government of Yucatan, the people of Yucatan, the culture of the people of Yucatan. (…) It is something exceptional, which comes from afar, and it has been shown that the more culture one has, the less social decomposition, there is less disintegration of families”, he added.

From the Military Air Base No. 8 in Mérida, the Secretary of National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, announced that, as of September 2022, the crimes of human trafficking, home robbery and theft in transport registered a downward trend.

According to data from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, Yucatan ranks last in impact crimes at the national level.

As of September of this year, intentional homicide registered seven events per 100,000 inhabitants, which positions the state in 32nd place.

In Yucatan, 7,592 operational elements of the state and municipal police are deployed; in this way it achieves a surplus of 29 percent, in accordance with the guidelines proposed by the United Nations (UN).

The security strategy is reinforced in order to reverse the rise in intentional homicide and extortion, especially in Mérida, Tizimín, Kanasín and Progreso, municipalities that concentrate 83 percent of the illicit crimes in the state due to the fact that in these there is more population, limited the head of the Sedena.


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