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In his morning press conference, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador expressed his solidarity with the people of Turkey and Syria, after two earthquakes occurred yesterday that have left thousands dead and injured.

"Our solidarity with the people of Turkey, of Syria, because yesterday evening they were affected by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake and unfortunately lives were lost and there are injuries," he said.

He added that the Mexican government, through the Ministry of Defense and the Navy, are coordinating to send rescue teams to these countries.

“Today in the morning we already gave instructions so that the Ministry of Foreign Relations with the Navy and the Ministry of Defense organize the help that can be offered, that can be provided. There is a team, both in the Ministry of Defense and in the Navy, specialized in saving lives of trapped people, and we are going to organize to help.

Yes, Relations, today Secretary Marcelo Ebrard already presented a proposal and with the support of the Defense and the Navy, who have teams and know about this. And it is open to any group that wants to help, that has experience; Of course, there are people here with a lot of experience. And as of today the organization begins so that we can send support as soon as possible”, explained the president.

  • In this context, he added that Mexico has already sent specialist elements of forest fires, to add help to the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, who requested it.

“Also, tell them that they asked us for support from Chile, the president, because they are being affected in Chile by fires beyond normal, they are suffering from forest fires and burning of towns, there are even people who have lost their lives, and already Yesterday a group of soldiers, officials from the Defense Secretariat and also from the Forestry Commission, specialists in working to put out fires, left, 150 Mexicans went to Chile; They have already arrived, ”he pointed out.

  • The federal Executive reiterated that the United States did request information from Mexico related to the former Secretary of Security, Genaro García Luna, from which complaints were derived against him for the alleged embezzlement of 700 million dollars.

“Yes, that was the request that was basically made, and that led to the Mexican government presenting, I have already expressed it here, a civil complaint for an alleged embezzlement of 700 million dollars.

“That is why it is very striking that García Luna's lawyers say that what he was able to obtain in his private businesses after he left office is not investigated. I don't know if they granted it, but in one way or another in the investigation that the Treasury did, resources were found that were sent to Florida, and they were used to buy apartments and yachts and many assets, ”he commented.

The president criticized that García Luna's lawyers asked Judge Brian Cogan, in charge of the trial, that they do not want the resources that were paid to the media to be disclosed

"Yesterday it also came out that the lawyers do not want the version of a witness to be made known... who talks about what García Luna or the Secretary of Security, who managed resources, handed over to a newspaper in Mexico, also the same lawyers say: 'That No'. I say as a Mexican: Yes, of course, everything, ”he said.

  • President López Obrador clarified that the former presidential candidate Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Solórzano is not his enemy, since he only referred to him as a "political adversary", after he reported that he was part of the Mexicolectivo group.

"Well, they were left with the desire, right? They set up a whole theater to constitute a supposedly independent group, the same as always, against us, but of all, the most representative was the engineer Cárdenas ”, he indicated.

“No, no, because saying 'adversary' is not saying 'enemy'. The adversary has to do when there is no longer a political coincidence, ”she pointed out.

He added that it was Cárdenas himself who decided not to participate in the government of the fourth transformation, "he is a free man, with criteria, for that reason, of course they would like us to fight, but I am not going to fight with the Engineer."


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