1669062320 Highlights of La Mananera

Highlights of “La Mañanera”

In his morning press conference, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that after not being selected as president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Gerardo Esquivel, current deputy governor of the Bank of Mexico, will promote him to occupy another position in his government.

“We are going to nominate him to continue helping us, there are several alternatives, surely the Secretary of the Treasury is going to talk to him, for that purpose… We are going to look for options, of course consulting Gerardo, who is a good public servant, prepared, one of the most socially sensitive economists, I think one of the only ones who in the neoliberal period dared to analyze economic and social inequality in Mexico”, he commented.

However, the first president left his ratification in the Bank of Mexico in doubt. “We don’t know yet, we are going to explore other possibilities that exist in the government itself or in representations of Mexico abroad, but you have to talk to him,” he said.

In this context, the president of Mexico took the opportunity to launch a harsh criticism of the selection of the Brazilian Ilan Goldfajn, in charge of the IDB.

“What we want to make clear is that there is no change in the election of the IDB director, it is more of the same, it is what has been applied throughout the neoliberal period, they agree with the approval of the United States United and so choose, it is unfortunate that this continues to happen, there are no changes, “he accused.

“That is why our protest with the IDB, because instead of going towards development cooperation and facing these big and serious problems (migration), they continue with the same policy of simulation, and support for minorities in Latin America and in Caribbean. And this is a Development Bank that could help a lot with credits in Central America, in America, in the Caribbean, but you can’t expect much if you don’t change your policies and your attitudes,” he pointed out.

  • President López Obrador reported that the meeting of the Pacific Alliance countries will probably be canceled because the Peruvian congress denied the president of that country, Pedro Castillo, permission to travel to Mexico, for which reason the meeting will be postponed.

He pointed out that Mexico is currently temporarily chairing this regional integration initiative, however, it must hand over the baton to the Andean country.

“I am the transitory or temporary president of that alliance and it is up to the president of Peru to receive the presidency, so if he does not come, who did he hand over to? We could have a meeting in Peru, that may be an option, but I have to consult, ”he said.

Instead of the meeting for the Pacific Alliance, the head of the Executive stated that on Wednesday, November 23, he will hold a bilateral meeting with the president of Chile, Gabriel Boric; on Thursday, November 24, he will receive the head of state of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, and on Monday, November 28, the president of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves, will make an official visit to the country.

He announced that on Wednesday, November 23, he will also lead the security meeting and the morning press conference in Manzanillo, Colima. In addition, she will attend the commemoration of the Mexican Navy Day.

Regarding the North American Leaders Summit, President López Obrador said that there is still no set date.

  • The first president ruled out any risk for the country that the far-right movement that is accentuating in the country, after last weekend groups of this current held the Conservative Political Action Conference, because “they are more of the same ”.

“I think that Mexico is in a transformation process, people are very aware, these retrograde attitudes are not advancing, they have not advanced, because there is not much difference either, we should not go with the feint, they are the same as our adversaries, to the others, nothing more than they are more authentic, they say it; the others think about it, they don’t believe it, but they don’t say it, there aren’t many differences, nothing happens”, he highlighted.

  • The head of the federal executive affirmed that one of the purposes of the march on Sunday, November 27 from the Angel of Independence to the Zócalo of Mexico City is to celebrate the achievements and advances in four years of the Fourth Transformation and not the electoral reform.

He maintained that it is “a festive, joyful march; (…) People come on their own feet, of their own free will, because there are millions of women, free, conscious men who support this movement. (…) We do have a lot to celebrate, especially because of the change in mentality that we have achieved with the revolution of consciences; It’s been like a big political literacy campaign.”

He clarified that it is not related to the defense of the electoral reform proposed by the Executive, but rather to strengthen the movement that he leads and recognize its results.

“How are we not going to celebrate that 12 million older adults have a pension that they did not receive? The budget has already been approved and, from January 1 of next year, they are going to receive 25 percent more, ”she stressed at a morning press conference.

Among the successes of the federal government, he said, the Welfare Programs stand out, which address the causes of violence and offer opportunities to the population.

“We want Mexico to belong to everyone, not to be owned by a few; we want the budget to be distributed fairly, that it reaches everyone, that there be an equitable distribution of income, of national wealth; raise wages for workers; that the poor be supported; that education not be privatized, that health not be privatized; that education and health are not privileges, but rights, ”he emphasized.

  • The president of Mexico clarified that he will present a reform to the electoral law focused on two main points, the reduction of INE expenses and avoiding vote buying. This, after the position taken by the opposition of not approving the constitutional reform that the Executive sent to San Lázaro.

“We are going to present an initiative, to reform the law, because they have already agreed and there will be no constitutional reform or it will be very difficult to achieve it, although, well, even the stones change, but if not there is a constitutional reform, there will be a legal reform. Two things are important, reducing spending in the INE, because it is offensive that councilors earn 400,000 pesos a month and the other thing that many of us care about is avoiding vote buying, and we can achieve that with the law, without the reform to the Constitution,” he explained.

  • The first president justified his vote in favor of the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, returning to Twitter, after last Saturday the new owner of this social network conducted a survey on the matter.

“We may not disagree with his position, but he has the right,” he said.


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