Help find accused of murdering three Latinos

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Police in Prince William County, Virginia, are seeking leads on the suspect in the shooting deaths of three Hispanic workers who were attending a meeting in the Woodbridge area last week, and are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the detention of the gunman, so that he faces the action of justice.

Investigators have already identified Donald Antonio Barahona Quiñónez as the author of the point-blank shots that caused the death of Edwin Geovanny Salmerón, 37; Luis Alonzo Salgado-Rivas, 41, and Kevin Josué Vallecillo Mendoza, 23, all Woodbridge residents.

Barahona Quiñónez was indicted on three counts of murder, among others, a court document said.

The triple homicide occurred around 2:30 p.m. May 26, at a home in the 14700 block of Birchdale Avenue, police determined. Another 21-year-old man was injured by a gunshot and doctors are waiting for his recovery.

If convicted on all counts, Barahona Quiñonez could be sentenced to life in prison, according to Virginia court guidelines.

The first investigations indicated that, during a meeting at the aforementioned house, one of the attendees (Barahona Quiñonez) pulled out a firearm and began shooting, injuring four men.

Other people who were present ran out of the house after the shooting, including the suspected gunman, police said.

The officers reported that upon arrival they found Salmerón dead outside the house and three other men wounded inside the building. Officers provided first aid to the victims until fire and rescue department personnel arrived on scene.

Salgado-Rivas died at an area hospital that same day and Vallecillo Mendoza the next day from his injuries, according to a medical report.

"This incident does not appear to be a fortuitous event," said the Prince William County police, who called on the community to collaborate with information leading to the capture of Barahona Quiñónez. In addition, his detectives seek to interview anyone with information about the shooting.

or the whereabouts of the defendant by contacting the police department at 703-792-6500.

Meanwhile, as Washington Hispanic announced in its previous edition, the collection started through GoFundMe by the family of Salgado-Rivas, one of the three deceased, continues with the aim of obtaining the necessary funds to transport their remains and bury them in his native Honduras.

Any financial support will go to the Salgado-Rivas family, said the organizers of the collection, which has set out to reach $10,000.

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