Helicopter crash leaves four dead in Sao Paulo Brazil

Helicopter crash leaves four dead in São Paulo, Brazil | News

The Fire Department of São Paulo, Brazil, confirmed this Friday that four people died as a result of the fall of a Robinson 44 Raven II helicopter in the Barra Funda neighborhood, west of the city.

The accident occurred around 2:35 p.m. (local time), specifically at the intersection of Pedro Luís Alves Siqueira and James Holland streets.

The entity reported that nine vehicles were transferred to the scene of the accident to deal with the emergency, but later only one car was left on the site to support the experts.

According to the department, so far the identity of the injured is unknown, as well as the possible causes of the accident.

The city of São Paulo is densely populated, which is why the use of the helicopter transport service is frequent, an option used by businessmen to avoid traffic jams.

The Brazilian Association of Helicopter Pilots (Abraphe) reports that São Paulo is the city with the most helicopter traffic in the world, with some 411 registered in the hands of individuals and some 2,200 daily air taxi trips, surpassing New York in the United States and Tokyo in Japan.