Heineken México appoints Ramiro de Ocampo vice president of Financehe

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Heineken Mexico reported that Ramiro de Ocampo Godoy He assumed the vice presidency of Finance of the company, after covering the finance direction in the Netherlands.

It's a statement, Heineken Mexico announced the changes in its management team, which includes the incorporation of Ramiro de Ocampowho has a history of more than 19 years in the company, holding various positions worldwide.

Heineken new director

The company indicated that this will be the second stage of Ramiro de Ocampo; Previously he was Director of Business Control for Commercial, business controller and regional finance manager, positions in which he was a key player in ensuring financial efficiency.

Ramiro de Ocampo replaces Jaap Overmars, who held that position since 2020 and will now lead the management senior of Finance for the Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe Region (AMEE).

“With these changes, the brewery will promote expansion and promote a culture focused on efficiency, while guaranteeing the constant improvement of processes and supply planning”.

Overmars, originally from the Netherlands, has international experience in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America; He graduated in Business Economics from Vrije University and has a postgraduate degree in Finance and Control from the same university.

  • At the beginning of October, Heineken Mexico reported that Marta García would assume the vice president of marketing.
  • García has a successful track record within the company in the operational and strategic part at a global and regional level.
  • Has experience in commerce, marketing transformationdigital and trade marketing.

Heineken Mexico sHe pointed out that, with these movements, it confirms the commitment to promote digital transformation, business growth and market share through creative excellence and innovation, aimed at providing moments of joy to clients and consumers.


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