Héctor Parra will define his legal appeal situation on October 2

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Daniela Parra, daughter of actor Héctor Parra, has spoken publicly about the legal process faced by her father, who He was sentenced for corruption of minors after being accused of sexual abuse by his daughter Alexa Hoffman. Daniela shared her thoughts and feelings in a recent statement, in which she expressed their hope in the resolution of the appeal and their determination to fight for justice.

The case of Héctor Parra has been one of the most controversial and discussed topics in the media in recent years. The actor, known for his extensive acting career, faced serious accusations of sexual abuse by Alexa Hoffman, who She is the daughter of her ex-partner, actress Ginny Hoffman..

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In her statement, Daniela Parra spoke about the ongoing legal process and the current status of his father's case. He noted that on October 2 A hearing was scheduled to resolve his father's appeal.and expressed confidence that the process will be resolved fairly.

Daniela said: "We really hope and trust in God that everything will be resolved and it will turn out the way it should."

The young woman too thanked those who have supported her and her family during this difficult period and asked that they continue to do so.

"I only ask you, please, to keep us in your prayers, to not abandon us, to keep us in your thoughts and to be with us, accompanying us in this very important moment," said Daniela.

In addition, Daniela Parra highlighted the determination of her family to seek justice and support his father. "Whatever the answer, we We are never going to let ourselves be defeated and we are not going to stay with our hands crossed. until this is resolved," he said.

It is important to remember that Héctor Parra's sentence for corruption of minors was the result of a legal process that attracted the attention of the media and the general public. The sexual abuse accusation brought by Alexa Hoffman led to a trial that concluded with the actor's conviction.

However, Daniela Parra stressed that the appeal represents an opportunity to review the case and seek a different resolution. "This is only the second instance and whatever the result, we are going to continue fighting," she said.

The young woman too shared encouraging news by revealing that the date for appeal resolution is scheduled for May. This fact marks an important milestone in the legal process and the Parra Hoffman family hopes that the final result will be fair and satisfactory.

In summary, Daniela Parra has spoken openly about the legal process of her father Héctor Parra, who was sentenced for corruption of minors after being accused of sexual abuse. The young woman expressed her confidence in the resolution of the appeal and her determination to fight for justice. The case of Héctor Parra has been a topic of great public interest and will continue to be followed closely as it progresses through the legal system.


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