Héctor Herrera explained what Mexico needs to raise the football level


Héctor Herrera will play with the Houston Dynamo,

Photo: Hector Vivas/Getty Images

The win that Mexico received against the Uruguayan team has given much to talk about the level that the ‘Tri’ currently has. Before the comments, Héctor Herrera, one of the emblems of the Aztec team, explained what Mexico needs to compete face to face against any team.

‘HH’ admitted that Mexico was very noble against Uruguay and that the experience that the Celestes have was what made them grow in confidence and thus look superior against ‘Tri’. For this reason, Herrera assured that what the Mexican team lacks is more skill.

“We are very noble in the aspect of making tactical fouls that avoid counterattacks that end in goals; the play of the second goal could have been avoided. Being more bugs, more crafty, more experience. I would call it experience. We are also noble to attack and propose the game. There are several points that we could improve and others to do in the same way, we must improve the forcefulness.

The former Atlético de Madrid footballer believed that they started well against the Charrúas but that they were giving in due to their strength and experience, an issue that made the Uruguayan team look better compared to what Mexico showed and highlighting that there will be challenges in the World Cup Similar.

“We need to be more intelligent, to be mature in games. Against Uruguay we started well, they are strong and experienced, but by having you submitted, confidence makes them seem better, but that was a good match to realize what we are going to face in the World Cup”, Herrera explained.

Finally, he defended the coach, Gerardo Martino, who was booed after the scandalous defeat, and assured that ‘Tata’ has his full support and that of his team.

“The most criticized is ‘Tata’ for being the head of this team, but in the groups there is always that support and more in a group like this. The last result is not what we expected. We will always stand up for him, ”he concluded.

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