Heavy snowstorm at Buffalo Bills stadium forces game against Cleveland to be moved to Detroit’s Ford Field

Buffalo Bills must play in Detroit due to heavy snow storm.

Photo: Timothy T. Ludwig/Getty Images

A massive snowstorm in the outskirts of New York City sent the Buffalo Bills headed for Detroit. to play the game of the day this Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.

Despite the fact that in American football it is not customary to stop matches for these reasons, this time it was warranted since Highmark Stadium was out of order.

The NFL does not usually suspend matches due to these natural phenomena except for electrical storms, but this time the storm made a bad move with amounts of snow that were around a meter inside the venue.

Given this reality, the league considered it an unnecessary risk for players and fans that the game will be held at Highmark Stadium..

Similarly, according to the news agency EFE, The phenomenon is expected to cause significant impacts at both ends of the region, according to the NOAA Weather Prediction Center.Therefore, it is not recommended to travel and drive under the conditions provided.

The scope of the blizzard

The snowstorm has had a major impact on the town, with damaged heating systems, frozen pipes and constant power failures reported. All this without counting several traffic accidents that occurred in the Buffalo area in New York due to this natural phenomenon.

Oddly enough, and despite the heavy impact of the blizzard, some Bills fans have complained about the NFL’s decision to move the game to Detroit. and have launched countless criticisms through social networks.

In terms of sports, it should be noted that the Buffalo Bills continue to be one of the favorite teams to win the championship, however they have a losing streak of two consecutive losses, leaving their record at six wins and three losses.

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