Heat wave is no surprise and will continue: NASA

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The POT warned that the heat wave that is being registered in different countries of the world “it's no surprise” and what is going to continue unless the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere ceases.

“For the last four decades there has been an increase in temperatures every decade. This past June was the warmest on record and we anticipate that July will probably be the hottest," Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said at a news conference.

According to the expert, controlling the situation is in our hands:

We think it will continue because we continue to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and until we stop doing so, temperatures will continue to rise.

The meteorological phenomenon of El Niño, in his opinion, does not justify by itself the current wave.

“We are seeing widespread heat pretty much everywhere, especially in the oceans, where for months we have seen record sea surface temperatures, even outside the tropics, and we anticipate this to continue,” said Schmidt of the US space agency.

2024 will be even warmer

The director of the Goddard Institute advanced that the current trend increases the chances that records will continue to be broken in the coming years.

“My calculations suggest that there is a 50% chance that 2023 will be the hottest year to date. Others suggest that there is more of an 80% probability. and we believe that 2024 will be even warmer“.

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The head of the Ocean Ecology Laboratory at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Carlos Del Castillo, added that heat waves also extend to the oceans.

“And the problems with ocean temperatures don't stay in the ocean: they affect everywhere. Rises in ocean temperatures cause more extreme weather events and torrential rains in coastal areas,” he said.

NASA convened the press to take stock of recent extreme weather events and discuss how the agency's research and data are enabling climate solutions and predictions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“NASA is thought to be a space agency or an aeronautical research agency, but it is also a climate agency. We have 25 satellites up there that provide information in real time,” said the director of that organization, Bill Nelson. (EFE)

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