Head of the Brazilian Supreme Court votes to decriminalize abortion | News

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The president of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) of Brazil, Rosa Weber, voted this Friday in favor of the decriminalization of abortion up to 12 weeks of pregnancy in a plenary session held virtually.


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The owner, as rapporteur of the case, pointed out that the prohibition of abortion affects the fundamental rights of women, such as freedom, self-determination, privacy and dignity.

"Reproductive social justice, based on the pillars of preventive public health policies against unwanted pregnancies, proves to be the most effective institutional design to protect the fetus and the life of the woman, against criminalization," he noted.

In turn, Weber highlighted that the criminalization of abortion “perpetuates the framework of gender discrimination, because no one assumes, not even ultimately, that men are somehow disapproved of for their behavior of sexual freedom.”

The current norm allows abortion in the event that the pregnancy is the result of rape, the life of the pregnant woman is at risk or the fetus is diagnosed with anencephaly. However, according to the Institute of Bioethics, Human Rights and Gender (Anis), around one million pregnancies are terminated annually in the country.

In this sense, the president of the STF stressed that unsafe abortions and the greater risk of mortality show the disproportionate impact of the current legislation, meanwhile, she stressed that it is evident "with greater density, for reasons of race and socioeconomic conditions."

The magistrate judges the Lawsuit for Non-Compliance with Fundamental Precepts (ADPF) filed by the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL) and Anis, which maintains that the prohibition of abortion violates the human dignity of women.

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