He wanted to do a Halloween trick on his mother but he received a beating that went viral

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While his mother was in the living room, Héctor forcefully threw a pumpkin at her from upstairs (@riumbau)

Every year, Halloween awakens the creativity of countless people around the world, providing a space for fun, costumes and jokes. The holiday became an opportunity to create unforgettable moments, but sometimes, those jokes can lead to unexpected situations, as a young Spanish tiktoker recently demonstrated.

Héctor, known for sharing laughter and fun moments with his family on social networks, decided to surprise his mother in a peculiar way. On Halloween Eve, he devised a prank that was intended to make her mother laugh, but ultimately left her shocked and enraged.

While his mother was in the living room, From the top floor of his house, he forcefully threw a pumpkin towards the ground. When the woman felt the impact, she screamed in fright. Immediately, she began to throw insults at his son who kept throwing more and, in an act of anger, he returned the pumpkins that he had thrown. Tension and chaos took over the place, full of seeds and dirt.

The woman, visibly angry, continued ranting at Héctor, who finally He came down disguised and holding a pumpkin in his hand. The woman was paralyzed, unable to believe what was happening. Then, Héctor asked him with a mischievous smile, "Trick or Treating?".

Without hesitation, the woman reacted forcefully, throwing everything she was carrying in her hands. The young man He took out a plastic knife to try to intimidate her, but her mother, in a fit of fury, slapped it to the ground. and shouted: “You can clean now!”

The young man devised a joke that was intended to make his mother laugh, but that left her enraged (Video capture)
The young man devised a joke that was intended to make his mother laugh, but that left her enraged (Video capture)

The expression “trick or treat”, also known as “trick-or-treating”, is the characteristic Halloween activity in which children dress up in costumes and go around houses in search of candy. However, in this case, the situation had taken an unexpected turn and turned into a joke that no one could have anticipated.

The video of this hilarious situation quickly went viral on TikTok, accumulating 2.6 million views, more than 255 thousand “likes” and a large number of comments from users surprised by the mother's reaction. Most of them applauded her bravery and laughed with her, while remembering anecdotes of Héctor's antics in his constant search for funny moments to share on social networks.

“Your mother is not afraid of anyone, she doesn't need a weapon, she already has hers which is harder hahaha”, “Those slaps are what bring you back to life”, “With that slap I reset your Windows hahaha”, “This mother has patience”, “I see myself as an adult with my son. I adore this woman”, “I do that to my mother and she doesn't let me enter my house”, were some of the comments on the Chinese social network.

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