He survived 'Otis', despite sinking aboard his ship; his eye veins burst

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On his body are the marks of the fight to survive, his fight against the sea and the strong winds that it caused. Otis the early morning of Wednesday, October 25 in Acapulco. Captain Lorenzo, better known as The rudewas on the verge of death aboard La Molacha, his boat.

La Molacha, which was part of his heritage, sank and was taken out by the fifth wave that he could count.

Thank God that the wave spat me out and I am alive, otherwise I would be buried just like all my fellow captains and sailors who are buried in that entire area, under all the rubble of all the sunken and broken yachts,” he commented. Lorenzo Esteban.

—Did many die?

Yes, several colleagues are missing, who to date have not been found or are buried right there in the facilities where all the garbage they caused is. Otis”said the survivor.

Like several captains and sailors, Lorenzo boarded his boat on Tuesday afternoon to secure the boats and boats. In a few hours the hurricane became a category 5 and when they were notified it was too late to go ashore.

When they told us that we could get off the boats or get into the sand, it was too late, we had to look after the boat and take care of it, there was no other choice,” he said.

After 11:30 at night he saw nothing. The rainwater was so powerful pushed by the wind that it burst three veins in both eyes.

It is a return to life, but all these scratches and fractures were the lesson that this phenomenon left me. Otis”he added.

Although he lost the three boats he managed to own in decades of work, he hopes to recover something from the seabed.

We are going to move forward, and once I recover from this foot, I am going to rescue everything of mine that is sunken in the bay,” said Lorenzo, who has been working at sea for 48 years.


The Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS) assured that the cars that were damaged during the hurricane Otis on the coast of Guerrero, they will be covered 100%, as long as they have coverage for theft.

The agency estimates that in Acapulco alone there are close to 20 thousand insured automobiles, which could be beneficiaries if the insurance policies are in force.

All vehicles that have theft coverage, even if they do not have material damage coverage, will be able to have the insurance valid for the damage caused by the hurricane,” said Norma Alicia Rosas, general director of AMIS.


The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and the National Insurance and Bonding Commission agreed on the registration of endorsements that will allow insurers to extend the deadline for paying premiums.

The agreement includes the policies in force and with a domicile, movable or immovable, located in Guerrero, if the insured person is a resident of said entity or if for any reason he or she was affected by Otis.

Among the cars affected by the hurricane in Acapulco, AMIS estimates that there are close to 20,000 insured persons. Photo: Karina Tejada


Nine days have passed since the deadly blow that the Costa Grande of Guerrero suffered with the hurricane Otis and the consequences are coming out.

On the streets there are thousands of tons of garbage and waste that are rotting due to temperatures of more than 33 degrees, which can create a source of infection among the population.

Within the Marina Plan in its phase of aid to the civilian population in the Port of Acapulco, the diseases that have been detected in a thousand consultations with beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries from Wednesday, October 25 to November 2 of the current year are in mostly diarrhea, respiratory diseases and cuts.

Some streets are still flooded with dirty water and in the higher areas columns of smoke dominate, the product of the burning of garbage, in the streets the garbage accumulates and in the grass the birds that will no longer fly.

Acapulco smells of rot, it smells of death, of garbage.

Everything is collapsed into garbage, in everything we are one hundred percent working on well, I don't know how; The conditions that we have as city council workers, we have nothing like guanes or anything,” commented Carlos Rivera Bautista, Acapulco cleaning worker.

At the Naval Military Hospital they work 24/7 caring for the injured or sick left behind by the natural phenomenon.

Here the doors were opened so that all the sick or injured could be cared for, whether entitled or not; here health comes first.

In nine days they have attended a thousand medical consultations, including 15 operations; 618 dressings, suturing wounds, plaster applications, catheter changes, dressing changes; two births; four cesarean sections, and nine processes of appendectomies, surgeries in the gynecological area or general surgery.

-Raul Flores

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