"He put two prostitutes": they reveal the alleged causes of Chicharito's veto of the Mexican National Team

Chicharito Hernández, historical scorer of Mexico.

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A few days before the start of Qatar World Cup 2022, in the Mexican National Team a weighty name is needed. Poland's coach has already warned that the conception El Tri changes when Chicharito Hernández is not in the squad. The Los Angeles Galaxy attacker has not been called by Gerardo Martino for more than two years and José Ramón Fernández assured that, "for some prostitutes", the former Real Madrid player is being punished.

The renowned journalist revealed more details about the alleged incident of Javier Hernández during a concentration with the Mexican National Team. The experienced forward would have devised a meeting on a trip to New York and in this sense he broke some rules of the coaching staff.

ChicharitoTata confessed to us, took two prostitutes on a trip from New York to San Antonio and it's over. The group rejected it because it compromised the soccer players with their wives (who thought) 'no, they had an orgy,'" explained José Ramón Fernández in an interview with the weekly Progreso.

The consequences of Chicharito's actions

According to Fernández, a group of soccer players they would have opposed Javier Hernández's idea. The Chicharito meeting would have caused the dismissal of one of the workers of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF), for contributing to the infraction of the Aztec striker.

There is a group that immediately opposed that. Chicharito did not know how to apologize in time. Martino talked to him and denied everything. The guy who was in charge of moving the whole thing and who worked at the FMF who was fired (because of the player's fault) is now at FIFA working on something, ”he added.

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