He paid S/400 to rescue a squirrel monkey that was offered in the SJL market, but now he doesn't know what to do: “Serfor doesn't answer me”

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Man rescues a monkey that was going to be sold in the wholesale market of San Juan de Lurigancho: “I paid 400 soles for it” (Video: Panamericana)

In San Juan de Luriganchoa resident of the area reported that they are sold, indiscriminately, wild animals in it Sacred Valley MarketLocated in the whereabouts 10 of Canto Grande. According to the man, he had to spend a large sum of money to rescue a little monkey that was caged and was offered to the highest bidder.

This claim was picked up by the morning newspaper Good Morning Perutransmitted by Panamericana Television. From there, the subject realizes that he approached the supply center to buy food for his fishHowever, his attention was absorbed by the conditions in which this animal.

At first, the saleswoman asked 500 soles for the primate. “My wife and I thought about it, we went to lunch, and we said we would rescue the monkey so we could free it. We saw him in a cage, small, skinny and all scared,” he told the aforementioned media.

“We tried to convince the lady to buy it. She asked us again for 500 soles, but we reached an agreement for her to reduce it to 400 soles. (...) The little monkey is very scared, when I put him in a cage he gets scared,” she added.

He complains that Serfor has not answered his calls. (Photo: Pan American Capture)
He complains that Serfor has not answered his calls. (Photo: Pan American Capture)

Before leaving after taking the wild animal, the individual said that he heard something that outraged him. “There were more people who wanted to buy, to which the lady said that she could bring more if they wanted. That means she has quite a few monkeys.”

The monkey's rescuer, who chose to hide his identity, said he tried to contact the National Forestry and Wildlife Service (Serfor) and to Huachipa ZooHowever, they never responded to his calls or messages.

“I contacted Serfor on Sunday. I saw a report about the animals in Iquitos and how they were cared for, and I decided to look up their number on social media. I called several times, but no one answered,” he told Buenos Días Perú.

Specialists affirm that a wild animal, taken from its environment, can suffer from depression, even more so when they are separated at an early age from their mothers and will hardly be able to return to their natural habitat. When left helpless, they require human care and will spend the rest of their lives their lives in captivity.

The Forestry and Wildlife Law and the Regulation of infractions and sanctions in forestry and wildlife matters, approved by DS N° 007-2021-MIDAGRI, establishes illegal hunting, capture, possession, trade and trafficking as a very serious infraction. of wildlife. Fines can range between 10 and 5000 UIT. The amounts are higher if they are species categorized as threatened.

Squirrel monkey. (Photo: diffusion)
Squirrel monkey. (Photo: diffusion)

It should be noted that the rescued primate would be a squirrel monkey, a species that is already commonly seen among the posts and trees in the city due to illegal sales. Even in San Juan de Lurigancho itself, a couple of weeks ago, neighbors reported that two of these animals were stalking their homes.

At that time, a citizen also complained that Serfor did not respond to her complaints. According to her, she carried Channel N, This agency attached to the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation only responded to them by giving them food to catch them.

“Little monkeys can bite or cause damage. They can even be electrocuted, because they jump from the electrical cables to the roofs, to walk around the houses. They have been seen eating bananas, loquats, that is what they have been feeding on these days. Serfor only told me to put a food path and leave a cage open,” a citizen told the aforementioned media.

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