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By. Ruben Cortes

the coven of Marcelo Ebrardwhich shakes the internal process of Morena, follows the plan of the irreconcilable struggles promoted by the president, which will give him the argument that the party has to designate a unity candidate: AA Lopez.

In that unit candidate scheme (created by the ebrard in 2012 by presenting the current president with the candidacy of the PRD) once again leaves him out and also Claudia Sheinbaum, because the designation of one of the two would fracture Morena.

AND Ricardo Monreal He will certify the move, since the candidacy for the Head of Government is almost in the bag, in exchange for not hindering the president's road map. In that scheme, the only one who maintains unity is AA Lopez.

It is a map that ebrard knows, and remembered it last week:

I demand that a free and fair survey be respected as we signed. I say this as the only one who has accepted an adverse result in a poll for the candidacy for the Presidency. It was in favor of AMLOfor 32 questionnaires, in 2011. The hauling and excesses that we are seeing must stop immediately.

What happened in 2011 was that ebrard He gave up his aspirations in favor of his political boss, the current president, as he will do again in 2021. Let's remember that:

1.- In his capacity as owner of the PRD, the current president decided, as today as the owner of Morena, that the presidential candidacy be decided by an internal poll, between him and the then Head of Government, ebrard.

2.- He would choose a polling company, and ebrardother.

3.- The measurement was carried out on five thousand 995 people, and ebrard he won on two of the three questions posted.

4.- In the first: What is your opinion regarding…? ebrard it won with a difference of 8.97 points, according to the pollster NODO, and by 4.60, according to Covarrubias.

5.- In the second: If the candidates for the presidency in 2012 were the following, who would you vote for?; AMLO he led by 9.20 points in NODO and 9.65 in Covarrubias.

6.- Despite his triumph, ebrard he handed it over to his boss, under the argument of "The divided left will only go to the precipice."

7.- In 2000 ebrard He also declined in favor of the current president, his candidacy for head of government for the Democratic Center Party.

Today, as in 2012, the argument of the political chief of ebrard It is that, more than the name of who represents Morena, what matters is to avoid division.

In that scenario, enter AA Lopez as a candidate for unity, since he is the only one with whom no one is fighting. And he is the president's brother.

Everything stays in Tabasco.

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