He almost died after surprising his girlfriend having sex with his teammate


Michael Lichaa suffered the betrayal of his partner with whom he thought was his friend.

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A rugby star from Australia He lived one of the worst days of his life and not precisely because of a defeat for his team, but because he surprised his girlfriend having sex with his partner.

Michael Licha29 years old and who during his great career wore the colors of the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, is the name of the player who suffered the betrayal of his partner with whom he believed was his friend.

In a state of shock and affected by alcohol after drinking all day, the athlete saw the woman who swore love to him being unfaithfulfor which he hit the glass window of his front door, severely cutting his arm when he pulled it out of the frame.

The player’s neighbors called the authorities once they heard lychaa out of his mind and threatening to murder his partner, for which he was accused of domestic violence. Even though he had his heart broken into a thousand pieces by what his eyes saw, the man ended up behind bars due to his furious reaction.

“I couldn’t get the image of my fiancée making him sex Oral to my best friend, “said the player before the court, making it clear that the episode marked him for life.

Later, Lichaa said he was happy that everything came to light, so he will seek to continue with his life normally after this experience.

“I’m glad the truth finally came out; I had a lot of trust in the truth all the time. But I just want to leave everything behind now and move on with my life and the happy days ahead, ”she closed after she was able to obtain his freedom after her now ex-girlfriend did not come to ratify his complaint.

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