Hawaii Promotes Volcanic Tourism After Mauna Loa Eruption

The governor of Hawaii, David Ige, recalled that the archipelago is still open to tourism despite the recent eruption of the mauna loathe largest active volcano in the world, and stated that it is “safe” to observe the phenomenon “from a distance”.

The experts affirmed that the eruption, which began on Sunday, does not pose a risk to the communities in the area, to the extent that the lava remains contained despite the opening of new fissures. According to the Hawaii Volcano Observatory, there are already four fissures.

This institute indicated in its report on Wednesday that no eruptive activity is expected outside the boiler. “No property is currently in danger,” she said, although air pollution levels continue to be measured in detail to determine other types of risks as well.

The governor formally proclaimed the status of emergency so that official services can “act quickly or limit access” to the area if necessary. “We give thanks that the lava flow is not currently affecting residential areas, allowing schools and businesses to remain open,” he said on Twitter.

Hawaii is an archipelago of origin volcanicTherefore, it periodically registers this type of phenomenon, although in the case of Mauna Loa there have been no records of a phenomenon of this level for 38 years. In 2021, the volcano erupted Kilauea.