Hatayspor withdraws from the Turkish first division after the earthquake

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He hatayspor withdrew from the super league, the highest category of Turkish football. After the devastating earthquake on Monday in which his first team was affected, he announced the Turkish Union of Clubs.

The Ghanaian Attacker Christian Atsu and the sports director of the club, Taner SavutThey are still missing.

Ali Kocpresident of the Association of Clubs, and Mehmet Buyukeksitop leader of the Turkish Football Federation, reported at a press conference.

Hatayspor sent us a letter to notify us that they will not play the remaining games this season.

Furthermore, they revealed that the Gaziantep He will have until Monday to make a decision on his exit from the league for this season. The other clubs in the Super League and the Federation indicated that the rights and participation of the teams that withdraw are guaranteed for the next season.

Hatayspor was 14th overall, while Gaziantep is 10th. The league's resumption has been further delayed and is expected to return on March 3.


antiochthe headquarters of Hatayspor, and Gaziantep, are two of the cities hardest hit by the earthquake in Turkey, which has left more than 18,500 dead in the country

(With information from EFE)

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