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Marissa Rivera.

Assiduous in complaining about the past to ignore the present, the president has evaded issues that as an opponent would have been ground gold for him.But not. He does not overcome the permanent desire to be in the opposition, to be the candidate who fills seats, the candidate who is on the ballot, the qualified speaker to question the bad government.Today, everything he questioned has been reversed. Today, she evades reality, out of insecurity, fear, even anger, or as a strategy to exercise control, which she loves so much.The hackneyed narrative against his adversaries, for the slightest point, distracts him, enrages him, they don't let him govern for everyone.And he prefers to escape from a reality that hurts.Violence does not stop in the country, the economy does not grow, the basic basket for some is unattainable. Medicines are in short supply. The health system is deficient.It did not eradicate corruption, on the contrary, it is still alive. It is a bottomless barrel.The embezzlement in Mexican Food Security (SEGALMEX) has already exceeded 15 billion pesos, which means two master scams by the Peña Nieto administration. One of López Obrador's main fight banners.But here where corruption reigns, silence increases. Where mine steal, justice is blind.A senator receiving thousands of pesos in cash, oronda walks through the compound. Without facing the law. Neither her shame nor her pride will make her give up.The so-called 4T is the administration of nothing happens, we are not the same. Here they steal for just causes. Don't come to them saying the law is the law.The Welfare Secretariat paid 48 million pesos as a pension to more than 13,000 dead.A minister appointed by the president is accused of plagiarism, she clings to the post, abuses her power to silence UNAM, and he defends her.The INE is a hindrance, we are going to put an end to it.Organized crime participates in the elections, we are going to turn the other way.That has been the strategy of this administration. What I don't like he crushed. Those who are not with me I exhibit them. Those who question me, we go against them. Those who applaud me, welcome, be.But not everything goes well for the president and that infuriates him. Every day he gets angry. Every day, a communicator, a means of communication, a cover or a question irritates him.In more recent courage it happened because of his smoke screen.Exhausted from always repeating the same thing, he took advantage of the trial against Genaro García Luna, according to him, to inform society.And just on the day of love and friendship, February 14, his name was mentioned at the trial.12 days of hearings had passed in the trial against Genaro García Luna.Lawyer César de Castro asked the Prosecutor's witness, "El Rey Zambada":– Do you remember talking about giving AMLO seven million dollars? The lawyer asked the drug dealer.– No, replied the witness.– Do you remember giving 7 million to Gabriel Regino for an AMLO campaign?– Yes, I remember that I paid him money, but not for López Obrador.The prosecutor made an objection and the topic was excluded.The jury found Genaro García Luna guilty, but the damage was done.False or not, his name appeared in the trial and that, as he would say, warms up.Things in the country are not good and he knows it.The money that he gives away to his electoral clientele is no longer enough.Is it for this reason that corruption in his administration is not punished?

As César de Castro would say at the end of the García Luna trial, but focused on Segalmex, where is the money?Next Sunday, the opposition has the opportunity to show their disagreement and demonstrate peacefully in the country.It doesn't matter that they get angry in the Palace. Every day he is courageous, one more, it is the least of it.

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