Harfuch promised to tour BJ neighborhoods to listen to residents' demands

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Morena's candidate to coordinate the Transformation Defense Committees in Mexico City, Omar García Harfuch He committed to visiting all the neighborhoods of the Benito Juárez mayor's office, to listen to their demands and needs of the residents.

The above occurred after deputies of the district made said request to the former Chief of Police during an event that was held this Sunday in the territory that is governed by the National Action Party (BREAD).

"The tours of the mayorships they have given me the chance to be close to the people, as Héctor mentioned, we stayed with that commitment, to walk all the streets, all the neighborhoods. Thank you for mentioning it and take it for granted that this is how it will be," he stated.

Accompanied by former federal deputy Rene Bejarano and former local deputies Leticia Varelathe candidate called on the residents of the mayor's office Benito Juarezto support you in the internal process of Brunette in which he participates.

"Today I ask for your support, I ask for your trust to lead the second stage of the transformation in Mexico City, and continue strengthening these projects with the help of our National Coordinator and future president of Mexico, Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum," he said. .

While Bejarano stated that he will join the project Morna so that in next year's elections the mayor's office will be governed by the 4th transformation.

In the morning, Harfuch met with representatives of social housing organizations whom he asked to walk together to continue strengthening housing programs that benefit the most vulnerable sectors.

“We need to strengthen the INVI budget, we want a City Congress that helps solve the housing problems of the most vulnerable population in the city; we want to update the ceilings financing of all lines of action, enter together with you to update resources for the purchase of land, project studies, for construction, feasibility and major exterior work," he said before dozens of supporters who gathered at Ciduad Deportiva .


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