Harfuch commits to continuing the 4T

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In a meeting with local deputies of the Morena party, the candidate for the Coordination of Defense of Transformation in Mexico City, Omar GarcĂ­a Harfuch, He promised to continue the so-called fourth transformation in the country's capital.

In a private session, the former secretary of citizen security of Mexico City had a working breakfast with Morenoist legislators whom he pgave your support to register in the internal process of Morena in the country's capital.

Through a statement, GarcĂ­a Harfuch's team established that will seek to avoid instability in Mexico City through the continuity of the political project now headed by Claudia Sheinbaum.

GarcĂ­a Harfuch committed to not to get off the internal conflict of Morena, He acknowledged that it will be a difficult process and to work on proposals to improve the lives of all sectors of the population.

He announced that his performance in Morena's internal process will be with deep respect, without confrontation with the other contenders and seeking unity in the party.

In the statement it was noted that the Morenoist legislators considered that Harfuch is "the best profile" to compete for the representation of Morena in Mexico City.

It should be noted that the Morena party announced the call to elect its standard bearer and established that the mechanism for this will be the polls.

Among the legislators who expressed their support for Harfuch were Indali Pardillo Cadena, Yuriri Ayala ZĂșñiga, JosĂ© Espina Miranda, Adriana Espinoza de los Monteros, Marisela ZĂșñiga CerĂłn, who publicly expressed that Harfuch is the appropriate profile to represent Morena.

The local deputies agreed that Harfuch is the best viewed by the militancy, he has his own ideas, he proposes unity, knows how to make a team and ability to add support

Also attending the meeting were Guadalupe Morales Rubio, Alicia Medina Hernåndez, Leticia Estrada Hernåndez, María de Lourdes Paz Reyes, Esperanza Villalobos Pérez, Jorge Gaviño Ambriz, Nazario Norberto Sånchez, Ricardo Janecarlo Lozano, Emmanuel Vargas, Ricardo Fuentes, from Morena, and Joaquín Ávila del Castillo.

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