Hamas terrorist act does not justify Israel killing innocent people

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The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, said this Tuesday that the terrorist attack by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas against Israel that unleashed the war in the Gaza Strip does not justify "killing millions of innocent people."

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"It is not because Hamas committed a terrorist act against Israel that Israel has to kill millions of innocent people," said Lula when resuming his usual weekly broadcast "Conversation with the President", after three weeks of recovery after hip surgery. .

Since the Hamas attack on October 7 on Israeli territory in which some 1,400 people were killed and around 220 were taken hostage, according to Israeli authorities, Israel has bombed the Gaza Strip incessantly, causing at least 5,000 deaths. 791 deaths, according to the Palestinian movement.

Lula said that it is necessary to establish a negotiating table, and get "Israel keeps the territory that is its own, that is delimited by the UN, and that the Palestinians have the right to have their land (...) so that no one has to invade no man's land." According to Lula, "the UN is weakened" and "if it had more strength it could have a greater impact."

Brazil currently presides over the UN Security Council, which meets again this Tuesday to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, after failing twice in its attempt to approve a resolution.

The Brazilian president once again insisted on the need to preserve the lives of children, and "create a humanitarian corridor to guarantee electricity in hospitals and the entry of humanitarian aid," which began to arrive in dribs and drabs since last Saturday.

In his speech, Lula also referred to the violence in Rio de Janeiro, where on Monday parapolice militias set fire to more than 30 buses and the cabin of a train, in protest of a police operation that killed one of their members. The government intends a "greater intervention" by the military forces in the ports to combat organized crime, and a "stronger action" by the federal police on public roads.

Lula said he feels "recovered" from his hip operation on October 1 and that he can now walk normally. He stated that she cannot travel yet and that he will continue working in Brasilia for the next four weeks.


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