Hamas blames Biden for the Israeli operation in a Gaza hospital; Belize breaks relations with Israel

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The Palestinian movement Hamas accused the US president, Joe Biden, being "fully" responsible for the Israeli operation underway inside Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City.

We hold the occupation (the name given by Hamas to Israel, ed.) and President Biden fully responsible for the assault on the Al Shifa medical complex" by the Israeli army, Hamas said in a statement in Arabic.

The Israeli army considers that the Al Shifa hospitalthe largest in the Gaza Strip, hosts a commanding position of Hamas, a vision also supported by the United States.

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The Islamist movement, considered a "terrorist" organization by the United States, the European Union and Israel, denies these accusations.

"The adoption by the White House and Pentagon of the false occupation narrative that the resistance uses the Al Shifa medical complex for military purposes has given the occupation a green light to commit more massacres against civilians," Hamas said in a statement. your statement.

The Israeli army announced early Wednesday that it was carrying out a "selective and precision operation against Hamas in a specific sector of the Al Shifa hospital."

The Israeli armed forces have on site "medical teams and Arabic speakers who have been trained specifically for this sensitive and complex environment and with the aim of ensuring that no harm is caused to civilians used by Hamas as human shields." , his statement stated.

The White House on Tuesday sided with Israel's accusations and assured that Hamas and another Palestinian group, Islamic Jihad, "they operate a command and control core from Al Shifa."

The White House later said that hospitals and the patients inside them "must be protected," the White House said Tuesday when asked about the ongoing Israeli operation inside Gaza's largest hospital center, Al Shifa.

We will not go into detail about an ongoing Israeli military operation. "As we have said, we do not support attacking a hospital from the air and we do not want to see shots fired at a hospital where innocent, helpless and sick people are trying to receive medical care (...) Hospitals and patients must be protected," said a spokesperson for the Council of Homeland Security of the White House.

Belize suspends relations with Israel

Belize suspended its diplomatic relations with Israel this Tuesday, becoming the second country in Latin America to freeze ties with the Jewish State for its military offensive in Gaza, the government reported.

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Arguing that Israel is carrying out a military offensive in Gaza that has killed "more than 11,000 innocent civilians, mostly women and children," the government of Belize decided to remove the approval of the concurrent Israeli ambassador and suspend the activities of its consulate. in Tel Aviv.

The Government of Belize withdraws its approval for the accreditation of SE [Su Excelencia] Einat Kranz-Neiger, ambassador-designate of Israel in Belize," the government of the Central American country said in a statement.

Also "All activities carried out by the Consulate are suspended Honorary Israel in Belize and the appointment of the Honorary Consul [israelí]", he expressed.

With information from AFP.


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