Halftime arrives and Alavés and Almería draw without goals

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The teams went to rest at Mendi. In the first 45 minutes, the Babazorros tied 0-0 against Almería.

Both teams will seek victory to climb the standings, after having been defeated in the match that each played the previous date.

Alavés could not beat Atlético de Madrid at the Cívitas Metropolitano. Their results have been varied: 3 were draws and they have lost 1. In those last games, they scored 7 goals and managed to score 4 against their rivals.

Almería comes into this match with a 1-2 defeat against UD Las Palmas. Recently, the visiting team has had quite diverse results: 3 losses and 1 draw, in which they scored 7 goals and conceded 18.

The host is in seventeenth place with 9 points (2 PG - 3 PE - 6 PP), while the visitor accumulates 3 units and is in twentieth place in the championship (3 PE - 8 PP).

Juan Pulido Santana was the referee chosen for the match at Mendi.

Alavés formation today

Luis García chose a 4-5-1 alignment with Antonio Sivera in goal; Andoni Gorosabel, Abdelkabir Abqar, Aleksandar Sedlar and Javi López in defense; Antonio Blanco, Ander Guevara, Ianis Hagi, Jon Guridi and Luis Rioja in the middle; and Kike García up front.

Almería formation today

For his part, Gaizka Garitano presented a 4-5-1 tactical scheme with goalkeeper Luís Maximiano; Houboulang Mendes, Chumi, Edgar González, Sergio Akieme on the defensive wall; Dion Lopy, Lucas Robertone, Arnau Puigmal, Gonzalo Melero and Largie Ramazani in midfield; and Léo Baptistão as forward.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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