Halba Diouf attacks the ban on transgender athletes in official competitions

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Halba Diouf, French sprinter who changed gender, male to female, in September 2021, lashed out with the decision to World Athleticsformer International Athletics Federation, of ban transgender athletes from participating in official competitions endorsed by the organization.

Diouf, who is two hundredths of a second away from achieving the minimum mark of 22.57 seconds for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in the test of the 200 meters flathe told the French media this Wednesday France Info who feels “betrayed” by the change of criteria on the part of World Athletics, announced by its president, Sebastian Coe on March 23rd.

coe announced the exclusion of transgender athletes whoand “they experienced male puberty” in official competitions, when in the past they could be taken into account as long as their natural testosterone levels were below five nanomoles per liter of blood.

That limit now has been halved to 2.5 nanomoles per liter of blood and must be maintained for at least 24 months for DSD athletes (differences in sexual development).

Alain Berliner, endocrinologist doctor from Diouf, told Reuters last May that the French athlete “she is a woman, from a physiological, hormonal and legal point of view.”

Their testosterone levels are currently below those found on average in women who were born female.

Diouf He left his family when he came of age to settle in Aix-en-Provence and start a business. hormonal treatment.

Sport and competition are the only escape routes we find to forget oppression and aggression.

In addition, Diouf has rejected World Athletic's position in the sense that “the evidence that the transgender women do not maintain a competitive advantage over biological women is insufficient”, and has argued this regard on a quantitative basis:

Only a handful of transgender women can be named who have reached the national or international level or even reached the Olympic Games. They are very few!

Finally, Diouf denounces double talk in the world of sport about the inclusion of transgender people:

They sell us the Paris Games as the Olympic Games of inclusion, but a year before transgender women were excluded from the competition. There is a paradox in his speech.

Despite this complex trip a few months before the universal event, Halba Diouf still has hope of reaching the Olympic Gamessy announced that he has hired a lawyer.

We will fight until we reach the Swiss arbitration court. Let's dismantle this ban.

(With information from Reuters and France Info)

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