Haitian magistrates request the recovery of the Palace of Justice | News


The National Association of Haitian Judges (Anamah) on Wednesday urged the Government of that nation to regain control of the Palace of Justice, assaulted on June 10 by armed individuals who expelled judges, government commissioners and other personnel.


Gang members in Haiti storm Palace of Justice

In a statement, Anamah recalled that on previous occasions it requested the relocation of the seat of the Court of First Instance to another place, and stated that this has not been fulfilled because “the authorities, both from the Ministry of Justice and the Superior Council of the Judiciary, they have turned a deaf ear”.

The organization assured that “the absence of sanctions in any country promotes corruption and reinforces criminality”, and called on the Government to adopt the necessary measures so that the jurisdiction of Port-au-Prince is functional.

The courthouse was violently evicted by the armed group Five Seconds of Village de Dieu. According to local media, the rapid intervention of the Haitian National Police (HNP) allowed magistrates, lawyers and employees of the Prosecutor’s Office to escape by climbing the walls.

This is the second attack in less than a week. According to journalistic reports, the first of them occurred, the third occurred in October 2021, when individuals broke into the offices of Judge Garry Orélien, who at that time was investigating the murder in July of that year of former President Jovenel Moïse.

The Je Klere Foundation (FJKL) human rights organization joined the rejection of this fact, which in a statement demanded to evict the bandits, restore the magistrates, protect the judicial archives and recover the assets stolen from the State and the judges.

This group recalled that gang members took over the building of the Center for Planning Techniques and Applied Economics (Ctpea), not far from the Palace of Justice, for several weeks.

In addition, he denounced that the criminals caused a wound with a firearm and stole seven vehicles (two from the Port-au-Prince Prosecutor’s Office, two from the PNH and the other three from magistrates).

He also questioned that they took the computers, desks, chairs and air conditioning equipment located in the office of the Judges and Prosecutors, and later put them up for sale in a public space in the Haitian capital.

This Tuesday, participants in the Assembly of the Protestant Federation of Haiti criticized the security policy of the Haitian Government. During that meeting, the prime minister, Ariel Henry, again promised that in a short period of time the country will have better results in its fight against organized crime and will improve the security situation.

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