Haiti summons the Dominican ambassador after closing the border | News

Haiti summons the Dominican ambassador after closing the border |
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After the Dominican Republic closed all its borders with Haiti, the Haitian Government summoned Dominican ambassador Faruk Miguel Castillo to explain the decision made by President Luis Abinader that "will have negative consequences for relations between the two countries."


Dialogue between Haiti and the Dominican Republic on canal closes without progress

The Foreign Ministry reported that in a meeting with Ambassador Faruk Miguel Castillo “they agreed that only the path of dialogue can allow the two countries to resolve this dispute.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Haiti informed the Dominican ambassador in that country of its concern for the safety of Haitians in the Dominican Republic and requested that measures be taken to protect them.

Both nations are at odds over the construction of a canal on the part of the Masacre River that passes through Haiti.

The president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, ordered this Thursday the closure of all borders with Haiti, after several days of meetings between officials from both countries who were trying to reach an agreement in the conflict over access to water from the Masacre River.

All borders with Haiti were closed as of Friday, September 15 at 6:00 a.m. local time, according to the Government's decision. This includes air, land and sea border crossings.

A statement from the Haitian Foreign Ministry reported that in a meeting between the minister in charge of interim affairs, Émmile Prophète, and the Dominican ambassador, both parties “agreed that only the path of dialogue can allow the two countries to resolve this dispute in a lasting manner. ”.

"After exploring with him (Castillo) the various facets of the crisis derived from the resumption of canal works on the Masacre River, we finally agreed with Ambassador Miguel Castillo that only through dialogue will the two countries be able to find a lasting solution. to this dispute," reads the official note.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed the population that, following the implementation of the Dominican president's threats to close the land, air and sea borders with the Republic of Haiti, the Haitian delegation put an end to the bilateral negotiations underway in Santo Domingo. , and that after that Ambassador Castillo was summoned to give explanations "about this unilateral decision."

Since the beginning of the month, the Dominican government has been denouncing the construction by a private Hatian of this system to channel water from the Masacre River, which both countries share, with the idea of ​​selling it to farmers in their country. A work that does not have the endorsement of Port-au-Prince.

Santo Domingo assures that the work violates the Treaty of Peace and Perpetual Friendship and Arbitration of 1929, the Border Agreement of 1935 and the Border Review Protocol of 1936.

"It is a totally inadequate construction, without any type of engineering, it is a provocation that this government is not going to accept," insisted Abinader, who has maintained a harsh policy on Haiti with massive raids against undocumented immigrants and the construction of a fence on the border. .

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