Haiti requests the veto to renew the UN mission | News


Around 30 organizations asked China and Russia to veto the renewal of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti in the Security Congress, considering it illegal and unconstitutional.


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Through a document they expressed that no national institution is capable of fulfilling a multilateral function due to the lack of legitimacy of the current Government.

“Taking into account the undeniable failure of the different missions already deployed and their responsibility in the destabilization of the country, what seems opportune and logical in this case is the vote on a resolution that puts an end to this series of useless UN missions. , illegal and destabilizing,” the statement says.

The letter was signed by organizations such as the Haitian Platform for Alternative Development, the National Union of Haitian Normalists, the National Coordination of Haitian Workers and the Socialist Alternative.

These associations also requested the formation of an independent commission with representatives from China and Russia to evaluate the situation of corruption in the country.

They also allege that there is an alleged illegal association between the armed gangs that control much of the country, the current government and the UN representative in Haiti, Helen La Lime.

After the assassination of former president Jovenel Moïse, Haiti has suffered an escalation of violence and kidnappings that often escape government control because armed gangs control strategic places in the country.

The request responds to the 12-month extension of the mandate of the Haitian political mission, presented by the UN Secretary General last year

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