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The Haitian Civil Protection Directorate confirmed this Thursday that at least six people have died after the floods in the country and one remains unaccounted for.


Floods in Haiti leave at least four dead

According to the departmental delegate for the North, Pierrot Degaulle Augustín, the municipalities of Cap Haitien, Grande-Riverère du Nord, Plaine-du-Nord and Barron are among the most damaged by the floods.

“The victims recorded by bad weather are the result of a lack of awareness. A peasant who was trying to recover his cattle was swept away by the waters,” Degaulle lamented to local media.

Previously, the Minister of the Interior and Territorial Collectivities, Liz Quitel, together with the Director of Civil Protection, Jerry Charles, toured the affected areas and held exchanges with the local authorities of Cap Haitien.

The initial records of damage quantify at least 1,578 flooded homes and the same number of families sheltered temporarily.

Relief teams try to rescue the bodies of the victims as the floods recede. Since this Wednesday, caravans with humanitarian aid began to arrive in the affected area.

According to the Haiti Hydrometeorological Unit (UHM) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (Marndr), the area continues to be under the effects of high pressure in the North Atlantic, and a very pronounced upper level trough is expected to the north. of Haiti, which could generate instability this Thursday.

The UHM warns of mild to moderate sectoral showers during the day and night in various parts of the country.

From January 30 to 31, a cold front crossed the entire Caribbean and generated intense rains, especially in the municipalities of the extreme north of Haiti, which caused flooding in more than 20 municipalities.

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