Hair, blood and a Mexican flag, in the house of the alleged feminicide of Blanca Arellano

Blanca Arellano, 51 year old Mexican woman She arrived in Huacho, Peru, on July 27 to meet her former boyfriend, medical student Juan Pablo Villafuerte. Both met on the internet and established a virtual relationship.

Arellano was reported missing before the Mexican embassy in Peru on November 11, after she stopped having communication with her relatives. Ten days later it was confirmed that the remains found on a beach in Huacho they belong to the Mexican.

The Peruvian National Police detained Villafuerte as main suspect in the disappearance and feminicide of the Mexican.

The man had previously appeared before the authorities, after the disappearance report, but refused to testify. Also, it contradicted on multiple occasions both in public and private statements.

They search the house of the alleged femicide

Peruvian police obtained a search warrant to investigate the home of Juan Pablo Villafuerte. Inside the house, security elements found presumably female hair the clothes and suitcases belonging to Blanca, blood stains in the bedroom of the young student, as well as a flag of Mexico

On Villafuerte’s laptop, a suicide letterthe same in which he maintains his innocence despite the evidence found in his home.

“But even so they decide to imprison me, unjustly and harm my life, I have decided, before they continue harming my family and my mother, end my existence as a person of principle. This will be a fight I can’t win and Nor will I bear the humiliation of being taken prisoner like an animalas they are branding me, ”wrote the student.

After finding the letter, the Peruvian police strengthened security in the cell of the main suspect.

This Monday, a video captured by the security cameras of the Sodimac store emerged. In this, you can see Villafuerte buy chlorine.

According to the autopsy of Blanca Arellano’s body, it had cuts done “professionally”. Also, the skin covering the thorax was detached. the corpse too lacked organs and had broken ribs on his left side.

Not only that, their fingerprints were “erased”, plus they his face was skinned with the intention that they could not recognize her.

(Reporting by Brandon Celaya)