Ha*Ash, a story built between songs

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Hanna and Ashley have been writing about love and heartbreak for 20 years, and although they confess that this has not made them experts in the area—in fact, Ashley herself recently declared in an interview that she doesn't know anything about relationships— , for Hanna it is precisely that imperfection that is the key to their successes, because along the way while trying to get the hang of it, they have written songs that continue to connect with their audience.

If we were experts in love, I think we would run out of inspiration, I think the best thing that can happen to us is to make a mistake or experience something and be able to tell it with our songs, which is what we do, and so we have been adding our experiences, the good and bad decisions to our music, with songs of love and heartbreak, and in the end I think that is what connects us.

We are two women who live all those stories and we tell them as they are and since there are many of us who are going through the same thing, I think that is what connects us. I remember, for example, when we wrote Sorry, sorry, Ashley was like, 'I was expecting too much from this person and thinking he was a loser,' and I felt like saying that was a little aggressive, but she was like, 'But it is what it is!' In the end we put it that way and it was incredible to see how so many people felt identified and the scope that the topic has had,” Hanna shared in an interview with Excelsior.

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So, songs like I hate loving you, I give myself to you, I leave you free, what do I do? and No problem They have accompanied thousands of fans who have lived their romances and healed their broken hearts with them, and for them at the same time, they mark moments that they have treasured in their personal and professional lives alike.

There is nothing better than someone coming up to us and telling us things like: 'I danced to your song at my wedding' or 'I had thunder with my boyfriend or husband and your music accompanied me in that process', that for us is the most beautiful thing about our work. , knowing that our music can accompany others.

And on our side it is similar, but more nostalgic, because it is not that we go to our songs to live those stages, but each song takes us to a memory of what we have been through, for example, when we look back 20 years ago when we released the first album I remember that I hate loving you We composed it because Ashley really liked a boy and she told me: 'He just grabbed my hand' and it's nice to see how those stories have evolved because we keep singing it, but it now has a different owner and so we keep writing and singing accordingly. with what is happening to us and we are fortunate that Ashley is a chill person, so thanks to her good and bad anecdotes we continue to get inspiration,” Hanna explained with a laugh.

Their way of translating their experiences into hits has positioned them as one of the favorite pop duos and their success has resonated nationally and internationally in places like the United States, Latin America and Mexico, where they celebrate their seven sold out at the National Auditorium, now with two more dates on the horizon.

This tour is one of the most beautiful and special things that has happened to us so far, we are celebrating 20 years of career, we have new music and have the opportunity to carry the flag of Mexico high to so many countries in Latin America, the United States, and Seeing that people continue to give us a lot of love, dear, with so many full houses, for us it is the most valuable thing about our work, knowing that someone wants to give us their afternoon and seeing that people have a good time with us, it gives them all the meaning and value to what we do.

If we knew what the secret was we would tell it, but it has been super nice to be able to reach so many countries, we were in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, 21 cities in the United States, and see that music has no borders, that it has no age , because we have (in the show) fans from eight-year-old children to 60-year-old men, so it is very nice to know that music crosses borders and that our stories manage to connect with other people,” she said moved.

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