Gustavo Petro urges to repudiate coup invitation in Colombia | News


The leader of the Historical Pact coalition, Gustavo Petro, urged all Colombian political parties this Saturday to reject the invitation to a coup made by former President Álvaro Uribe and his Democratic Center party.


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In his official account on the Twitter platform, Petro pointed out that “it is time to defend the democracy of all men and women. It is time for a quiet change”; after his political formation prevailed in the legislative elections last Sunday, a victory which Uribe tries to ignore and boycott.

The former president in the period between 2002-2010 rejected the electoral results revealed by the National Registry to renew the bicameral congress, which yielded a resounding victory to the coalition of alternative, progressive and left-wing forces Historical Pact.

“These elections leave all mistrust (…). Added to the inconsistencies is the overwhelming vote for Petrismo in drug trafficking areas. This result cannot be accepted,” Uribe also sidestepped on his Twitter account.

To which is added a statement issued by the Democratic Center in which they request a total recount of votes, with the due review of each ballot that could have been altered by juries.

The document details that “without clarity the new Congress would be illegitimate and many citizens would not be able to recognize the electoral result.”

Since last Sunday, several irregularities associated with the preliminary vote have been denounced, which to a large extent affected the Historical Pact, since among other issues it was learned that in at least 28,000 polling stations, said coalition lacked even one vote.

In this sense, the director of the Electoral Observation Mission (EOM), Alejandra Barrios Cabrera, pointed out that said entity does not have sufficient elements to indicate the presence of fraud, despite acknowledging the existence of numerous errors.

The official deepened that many of these inconsistencies “have been corrected and must continue to be resolved in the scrutiny, which is the stage in which the official and definitive results are consolidated.”

However, despite his statements, and the data provided by the Registry and the National Electoral Council that consolidates the triumph of the group led by Petro, Uribe expressed his rejection.

Whereupon the head of the Pact’s debate, Roy Barreras, repudiated the former dignitary’s statements, who insinuated the existence of links between said progressive formation and areas controlled by drug traffickers.

Meanwhile, the country’s president, Iván Duque, convened the National Commission for Electoral Guarantees for next Tuesday, after arguing that controversial situations arose in some parts of the country in Senate votes, which lead to precount and scrutiny processes that are the responsibility of the Electoral Organization.

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