Gustavo Petro maintains advantage in electoral polls in Colombia | News


The candidate for the Presidency of Colombia for the Historical Pact coalition, Gustavo Petro, maintains an advantage over the rest of the candidates just over a week before the elections, revealed a survey by the Latin American Strategic Center for Geopolitics (Celag).


Poll maintains Petro as favorite for elections in Colombia

According to the study, called Colombia Electoral Panorama of May 2022, Petro has a 48 percent vote intention in a projection of valid votes, compared to Rodolfo Hernández (Liga Governors Anticorruption) with 21.8 percent; Federico “Fico” Gutiérrez (Team for Colombia) with 21.4 percent and Sergio Fajardo (Hope Center Coalition) with 5.1 percent.

The Celag survey also asked that regardless of who they would vote for, who would be president and the respondents reaffirmed Petro with 53.2 percent; Fico with 22.7 percent; Rodolfo Hernández 13.3 percent and Fajardo with 2.6 percent.

In addition, he asked about the possibility of vote buying or electoral fraud at the municipal level and 68.4 percent of future voters considered that it could happen, compared to 19.3 percent who considered that it could not and 12.4 percent who did not know or did not answer. .

The survey had as its universe Colombians over 18 years of age and with a predisposition to vote in the elections on May 29. 52 percent of the sample corresponds to women and 48 percent to men.

Six geographic regions were established (Bogotá, Caribe, Centro, Antioquía, Pacífico and Orinoquía) and in those regions the 22 most populous departments were taken. From these departments, a sample of 45 localities of different sizes was selected, including department capitals, most populated cities and rural populations.

The sample size was 2,174 cases and the study presents a margin of error of +-0.9 percent and +-2.1 percent according to the distribution dispersion with a 95 percent confidence interval.

Most of the polls coincide with this one from Celag, and the rise in the intention to vote for candidate Rodolfo Hernández in recent months is striking. If none of the candidates wins a simple majority in the first round on May 29, a second round must be held on June 19 with the two candidates with the most votes.

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