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The elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, held a meeting this Wednesday with the far-right ex-president Álvaro Uribe Vélez within the framework of the Great National Agreement called by Petro himself in order to pacify the country and work on common points with social and political sectors in for development.


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After completing the meeting with Uribe, the president-elect highlighted dialogue as the only way to address differences and help turn the page on violence in the country, “hopefully the country can see the stage of the dialogue of differences,” he said.

“The conversation with former President Uribe was helpful and respectful. We found differences and common points (…) There will always be a dialogue between the government and the opposition,” emphasized Gustavo Petro, who continues to search for total peace with political, business and popular groups to advance the structural reforms that Colombia needs to combat inequality.

For his part, Uribe Vélez recognized the democratic character of the elected president and pointed out that issues such as agrarian development, pension model, health and education reforms were discussed at the meeting, at the same time, he asserted that his questioned Democratic Center party maintains in alert to possible measures by the oil industry and taxation.

“It seems good to me that President Petro advances on the issue that poor older adults have a decent income (…) I expressed my concern about what the Pension Funds can be,” said Uribe Vélez.

Gustavo Petro from his electoral campaign reiterated that the search for peace with social justice will be his flag during his Government, for the moment and without yet taking office, he has held a series of meetings with traditional parties to advance from Congress, in addition, he was present in the delivery of the report of the Truth Commission on the social and armed conflict, where Petro ratified his position to abide by the recommendations and continue with negotiation processes with irregular armed groups, which will have the victims as their central axis.

Petro, who won the elections on June 19 with more than 11 million votes, will be sworn in on August 7, 2022, together with his vice president Francia Márquez and ministers, he will have the challenge of combating the deep social inequalities and the violence that has deepened during the outgoing government of Iván Duque.

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