Gustavo Petro denounces the siege campaign of the Colombian right | News


Seven weeks before the presidential elections in Colombia, the candidate Gustavo Petro denounced the progress of a defamation campaign against the Historical Pact that seeks to affect his candidacy, which to date leads the polls.


They denounce Duque for interference in the electoral process to harm Petro

The photograph of Juan Fernando Petro, the candidate’s brother, entering the Picota prison on April 8, and a document circulating inside the prison about an alleged reduction in sentences to benefit imprisoned politicians and criminals, have been the triggers to start the campaign of defamation and siege.

The document does not have campaign logos nor does it have the candidate’s signature, however it has been used by various sectors and right-wing parties to denounce an alleged case of corruption to damage the image of Petro’s candidacy.

Juan Fernando Petro’s visit was for the purpose of speaking with some inmates on the subject of human rights and other humanitarian issues in prisons and there was no offer in this regard, according to the testimony of witnesses present at the meeting.

According to the candidate of the Historical Pact “today we can say that a sector of the press and a presidential candidate lied and slandered us.”

“There was never an offer of reduced sentences for votes, nor will there be,” added the candidate on his Twitter account ahead of the presidential elections on May 29.

The Team for Colombia candidate, Federico Gutiérrez, accused Gustavo Petro of seeking “votes in exchange for reduced sentences.”

For its part, the Historical Pact assured that it has not planned any justice reform in the event of reaching the Presidency, nor that it is considering reductions in sentences for politicians and criminals, as the right-wing parties assured.

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