Gustavo Bolívar called Nicolás Petro and Day Vásquez “thugs”: ex-wife of the president's son responded

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Gustavo Bolívar referred to the scandal carried out by the son of President Gustavo Petro and said that, if his guilt is proven, he will have to go to jail - credit Infobae

The candidate for Mayor of Bogotá of the Historical Pact, Gustavo Bolivarreferred to the eldest son of President Gustavo Petro Urrego, Nicolás Petro Burgos, and his ex-partner, Daysuris Vasquezand called them “thugs” during a debate on October 25.

It all started when General (r) Jorge Luis Vargas (Cambio Radical) told Bolívar, in the debate of Weekthat "the country is waiting for explanations, you are from the Historical Pact, Day Vásquez already confessed before the Prosecutor's Office that he received some money...".

Without letting him finish, the candidate of the Historical Pact was sent against Vasquez: “She's a thug. I have no qualms in saying that she is a thug. If she herself admits that she took money, she is a thug. I have never stopped recognizing that.”

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Immediately afterwards, the moderator of the debate asked Bolívar: “Just a question, Gustavo, if Day Vásquez is a thug, Is Nicolás Petro a thug?”, to which the Historical Pact candidate said: “Also. When did I say no? Nicolás Petro himself said, the only one who did not lend himself to all these dirty things was Gustavo Bolivar”.

General Vargas continued: “Day Vásquez clearly confessed what the criminal network of corruption was, we still do not know if there is drug trafficking involved, in the La Picota pact, yes, with President Petro's rule, where they are paying a fortune today for votes, are they going to pay her a reward for everything she is doing? "Is the Government going to pay you?"

To which Bolívar replied: Why are you going to have to pay him? There are some unions there, She and Nicolás have to answer to justice and if the judge condemns them, then they are condemned, to prison. We are not going to defend anything here. The President of the Republic himself asked that his own son be investigated, something that other former presidents have not done with worse things that their children have done.

Minutes after Bolívar's statements, Nicolás Petro's ex-partner, Day Vasquezmade two publications in x (before Twitter). In the first he wrote: “I inform Mr. Gustavo Bolívar that there are many thugs and that he lives in an embrace with them. Tell me who you're with and…” In his second publication he warned: “I also remind you that I know perfectly well how absolutely everything was handled. DON'T TEMPT THE DEVIL!!!”, he expressed.

The ex-partner of President Petro's eldest son responded to Gustavo Bolívar, after he called her a thug - credit @Daysvasquezc/X
The ex-partner of President Petro's eldest son responded to Gustavo Bolívar, after he called her a thug - credit @Daysvasquezc/X

Regarding the debate, then the one who took the floor to ask the candidate of the Historical Pact about the eldest son of President Petro was Jorge Enrique Robledo, who said in his speech:

“I have a question about Gustavo Bolívar. A few weeks ago, I sent him a message telling him that as a candidate for Mayor of Bogotá, what did he think about the corrupt exploits of Nicolás Petro, that he should please give me any opinion, and he gave a response like in German, I think , because nobody understood anything”

And he added that neither the Historical Pact nor the Human Colombia They have opened sanctioning proceedings against Petro Burgos for the investigations carried out by the Prosecutor's Office against him.

Bolívar replied: “I am not Nicolás Petro's father. I am not Nicolás Petro's brother. I have nothing to do with him. If there is a son of mine... I have three children. They have never been immersed in any act of corruption, nor will they ever see it. That is my family. They have never listened to a relative of Gustavo Bolívar, nor involved in the public administration, nor asking for positions, nor making calls, nor anything. “My children are the most decent thing there is and I defend them.”

Regarding Nicolás Petro, Bolívar mentioned: “According to the evidence, it seems that he committed some crimes. If the Prosecutor's Office proves it, because he is about to go to trial, he has to go to jail.”

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