Gustavo A Infante - Thank you, Vero

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After 39 years of working in the best profession in the world, being a journalist, I am going to take a leave of absence with the permission of the public and I am going to talk about my private life, but especially about my wife, Veronica Cuevas, with whom today I celebrate 23 years of marriage. I met her on April 14, 1998 and I remember it because it was my birthday. We met thanks to a mutual friend, Roberto Basurto, and that day not only did I meet her and celebrate my birthday, but I also discovered that love at first sight does exist.

The delivery of the engagement ring was in Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo, and instead of a trio arriving, a duet arrived because one of the elements got sick. It's all part of the party and the history that has strengthened our family every day. And I say family, because when you get married, you do it with your partner, but with the passage of time, trust and wonderful events, that person becomes your family.

Today Vero It's my family. And not only my family, but my life.

My marriage has been my best adventure, my most enriching experience, a trip from which I do not want to return and the fruit of it are Gustavo and Valeriatwo healthy, restless, professional young people, who are the most important reason for getting up every morning and the main reason for our sleepless nights.

Everyone can have a concept of marriage, for me it has been something wonderful, instructive, inspiring and a continuous learning, because yesterday we had to learn to be a couple, then to be parents, to forge two beings and try to turn them into good people. and, now, we are together to face the present and what comes from the future.

Twenty-three years of marriage, 23 years of happiness with Veronica Cuevas. Twenty-three years of love and do I tell you something? If God gives me life I want to go for another 23 years, but always at the side of Veromy Vero.

I love you Cuchi Cuchi.

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