Gustavo A Infante - Luis Miguel, cited by the Prosecutor's Office

Luis Miguel is already in Mexico 2023/11/14
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  • The Sun has been absent in the lives of his children, so the least he should do is appear.

This week, Luis Miguel will be summoned again by the Mexico City Prosecutor's Office for the matter of child support for his minor children, Miguel and Daniel. When and at what time? We don't know, but what we do know is that he will hardly be able to use the excuse of being out of the city, because they have their series of concerts at the CDMX Arena. I assume that what Aracely Arámbula is looking for is a greater financial amount than the 12,500 dollars, which, her lawyer assures, she has to give to each child and which took four years to do.

I suppose it must not be comfortable at all to have to go out to the media to give newspapers to the father of your children or file lawsuits and complaints so that the man fulfills his obligations. But that's Luis Miguel's business.

It is also clear to me that their children have grown up without a father figure, because forcibly giving them a monthly financial amount does not make them a good father, since paternity is the formal, continuous relationship that exists between two human beings. and that the falls, the sleepless nights, the anger, the grades, the weekends, the illnesses, the laughter, the games, going to the supermarket, meals, sunsets, watching television, that is, coexistence, It is what makes you a father and, from the aforementioned, Luis Miguel has needed all of that for his two youngest children.

We will have to see if Mr. Luis Miguel does appear at the Prosecutor's Office this week, because, surely, he will use the pretext that he gets up late, because he has a show; The solution is that they summon him at 3:00 p.m. or that he does not storm out after his presentations and fulfills, even for one morning, his responsibility as his father. We are not asking him to give his life for his children, something any of us would do for ours, only for him to appear, as almost any father does.

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