Gustavo A Infante - Acapulco is over

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  • At first I thought that the port would recover in weeks, however, the reality is difficult.


It pains me, like all Mexicans, the conditions in which our beloved port of Acapulco was left. It is unbelievable what happened in just a few hours. Hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, beach clubs, department stores, convenience stores, gas stations, buildings, houses, that is, everything, disappeared.

At the time of writing this column there was no water, no electricity, the telephone service was very scarce, the streets destroyed.

In lagoons, rivers and sea, boats, yachts, boats, fishing boats, as well as tourists, were lost, but the strongest thing is that the force of the air and water penetrated the homes of Acapulco, destroying everything and when I say everything , it's because that's how it was.

You could see cars in the hotel lobbies, mattresses floating in the streets, all the windows burst, but perhaps what burst the most was the faith, trust and hearts of thousands of Acapulqueños and tourists.

The first day, before seeing the images, I thought that by December Acapulco could be standing, but when I see the reality, I realize that it will take years and several for the port to look full again.

Where to start? With the hotels? The restaurants? The streets? The gas stations? The houses? The poorest people? I don't know, but what I do know is that Our friends in Acapulco need us more than ever and if you, kind reader, like me, have spent many happy years in Acapulco, and if this wonderful place has given you so much joy, it is only fair that we return a little of how much we loved. had given.

Acapulco needs us today, but tomorrow it will need us much more, because the damage was very deep. Acapulcan brothers, I embrace you with love and with my soul.

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