Guillermo Ochoa shines and avoids defeat of Salernitana with 'double save'

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Guillermo Ochoa shone again in the A series after Salernitana managed to sustain the tie (2-2) against Sassuolo; the goalkeeper's set of the Mexican National Team remains in last place of the Italian championship.

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It would be just in the minute 5 of the meeting when visiting squad would take the lead through the forward Chukwubuikem Ikwuemesiwho won a filtered pass for speed, He faced goalkeeper Andrea Consigli and scored 0-1.

Immediately after, Samu Castillejo tried to equalize the match for Sassuolo (10') with a powerful 'left foot', however, it was the Mexican goalkeeper who responded down to a handballsending the ball to a corner kick.

Sassuolo you would not learn the formula and Salernitana would increase the advantage after the goal scored by Loum Tchaouna (17'), who after the pass between the lines, was 'hand in hand' with the rival goalkeeper, defining at the top of the first post.

Before the end of the first half, the local squad would close the gap after a center 'pumped' into the area, the same as Grégoire Defrel would give way to Kristian Thorstvedt, who would end up putting first on their account (1-2).

The arrivals from Sassuolo remained between the end of the first half and the beginning of the second; to the 51' of the running time, Kristian Thorstvedt would score his second goal, equalizing the scoreboard and looking for the three points at all costs.


Was a few minutes from the end (78') when Guillermo Ochoa became big to avoid the fall of his frame. The goalkeeper of the Mexican National Team he grabbed a header that sought to pierce his goal so that minutes later, he took out a pair of point-blank shots'.

Finally, the last dangerous play by the locals was presented at the minute 85same as Ochoa managed to save on the goal line.

With the draw against Sassuolo, SAlernitana added their fifth draw so far this season in Serie Astanding atAt the bottom of the table, four points behind Cagliari, set that accumulates 9 units and - for the moment - I would avoid the decline.


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