Guillermo del Toro enters the removal and offers to pay for statuettes of the Ariel Awards 2023

The Mexican director and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro offered to pay the entire cost of the 2023 Ariel Awards statuettes, after the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences (AMACC) announced the suspension of the ceremony.

“Everyone watching the game, but I throw this. Without going into politics. To find solutions and keep the Ariels for those who make a cinema that proposes and gives presence to Mexico: I personally offer to cover the total cost of the Ariel statuettes, ”he wrote in a thread on his Twitter account.

Del Toro also requested a dialogue between the Academy and the Secretary of Culture, Alejandra Frausto for the ceremony to take place.

“I offer to help the ceremony as much as possible. And I ask for dialogue between @AcademyCineMx Y @alefrausto to see what else is missing. The academy and the movies it stimulates are NOT the ones the bots use as arguments- they are the ones that fight for screen time and keep- -our cinema- that art form, very real and highly valued- and always in danger. I enter I’ve been calling @leticiahuijaraand I follow her to give me a DM. I join. I don’t rest anyone. Solutions have to be found. Guilt doesn’t work. Solutions help.”

Last Thursday, the president of the AMACC, Leticia Huijara, announced that due to a “serious financial crisis” the call and the registration process for the 2023 Ariel Awards were suspended.

“AMACC officially announces that it has been decided to suspend both the call and the registration processes for the Ariel 2023 Award, until further notice,” he specified.


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