Guerrero families flee to Michoacán due to insecurity

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The wave of insecurity experienced by the neighboring state of Guerrero has forced entire families to flee, Michoacán has become a temporary refuge.

A father originally from Coyuca de Benítez, who for security reasons does not give his name, He assured that the decision to leave the municipality was made as a result of the murder of his brother-in-law Carlos, a police officer who was murdered along with a dozen uniformed officers on October 23.

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After the massacre of the police, including my brother-in-law, in the town of El Papayo, we buried him as best we could. Until now we have not received any support from the institution or the state government.

"His wife, who is my sister, didn't even get the cash," he explained in an interview that the threats from organized crime continued and made them leave their place of origin.

He also narrated that the first place where they sought refuge was Acapulco, but the natural phenomenon Otis forced them once again to leave the municipality.

We sought refuge in Acapulco, to try to start our lives again, however, as everyone knows, Hurricane Otis devastated Acapulco and we now had to leave the state and arrived in Michoacán,” he commented.

Said Organized crime has controlled everything in Coyuca de Benítez, “Chava Granados maintains control of everything in the Coyuca de Benítez area, so much so that the transporters or individuals who circulate on the roads have to pay them a flat rate or they take away their units, or if you do not collaborate with them they kill you as happened with the police,” he commented.

The affected person demands justice and support for him and his family, since he does not see the conditions to have a dignified life in his land.

We demand, we beg the federal and state governments of Guerrero to take action on the matter, today it was us, but tomorrow it could be anyone, we thank the people who have given us a hand at this time, but we would also like to ask the government of Michoacán to serve as a bridge of communication with the corresponding authorities to be able to free that area of ​​Guerrero from criminals and so that our murdered police officers obtain justice,” he stated.



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